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5 Girly Procedures You Should Secretly Try

Traditionally reserved for women, these have benefits for men too
by Ron Lopez | May 1, 2016
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From hairstyles to fashion trends, men have their own ways of making themselves look good. In recent years however, the lines have blurred. Nowadays, it doesn't make a man less masculine if he tries to adopt grooming procedures perceived to be exclusive for women. A 2015 research by lifestyle brand Avaj showed that men are actually vainer than women, at least in the case of the United Kingdom where the study was conducted.

So what procedures are these? Check them out below. 

1) Get your eyebrows manscaped

Make those thick and unruly eyebrows look good by having them properly trimmed.

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"Brows are really personal. They give you your expressions. They can make you look strong; they can make you look weak," says Romero Jennings, director of MAC Cosmetics' makeup artistry. "Your brows will give you approachability. If it's too strong or severe, someone will pass you by." 

Whether you want to put a gap in between your unibrow or are just looking to have clean brows, manscaping would be suitable for men through shaving, waxing, or threading depending on your choice.

2) Rebond, anyone?

How could you get all those funky hairstyles if you don't have your hair rebonded?

Inspired by Korean pop stars or western boy bands, a straight hairstyle will never go out of fashion. Just a reminder though: Try to find a companion when undergoing a hair rebond, or best to go with your special someone as the procedure would take at least three to six hours, depending on the length of your hair.

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3) Get rid of that chest and back hair

The time when it was only women who wanted to remove unwanted hair was long gone. Men are now being introduced to different hair removal procedures, including laser technology. This is particularly helpful for men with excessive hair growth problems on their chest and back. Girls don't like those parts to be hairy anymore.

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The laser technology works by killing the roots of the hair after several sessions and it uses a special gel to help the skin cool, so there is nothing to fear about.

While more expensive, people prefer this technology over other hair removal procedures since it is less painful and is good enough to keep your body hair-free for several years, if not permanently.

You can avail this procedure at SkinStation, Shinagawa, and Flawless, among other beauty clinics.


4) Give yourself a deeper level of clean

Who wants dead skin cells a.k.a libag? Even tough men don't want that. While dehydrated and dry skin may not always be that visible in plain sight, it pays to have a smooth and soft skin.

A body scrub is like a facial for the body, says spas expert Anitra Brown. The body scrub varies depending on the material used such as salt (hence salt scrub), coffee grounds, and sugar. The procedure is done by rubbing the body, usually at the back, legs, and feet, to exfoliate the skin.

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While ready-to-use body scrub products are widely available at different stores, it is recommended to let others do the job for you to avoid complications and to ensure that the scrub would not trigger any skin problem.

5) Get rid of dark batok and siko

With summer here, expect to have a darker complexion. Dark spots will start to surface especially if your job requires you to go outdoors. If things get too dark, there's always the option of skin bleaching.

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Also called skin whitening, bleaching is a procedure that lightens dark spots such as the elbow, neck, and knee through chemicals. This procedure works by reducing the melanin in the skin, a pigment that gives your skin color.

This procedure is widely available and sometimes comes as a package when you avail foot spa services, such as in Nailandia Nail and Body Studio.


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