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Five Tips to a Closer Shave

<p>Bid nicks and cuts goodbye!</p>
| Jan 27, 2010
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Contrary to popular belief, shaving is actually more complex ritual than what many take it for. [firstpara]
While shaving is easy to teach, it is safe to say that the act itself is rather personal: After countless nicks and cuts, you will have a technique you can call your own.

But that will take a while. Before you get to the point of regarding shaving as a personal ritual, there will be loads of cuts and cursing, skin irritations and scar tissues. You will need to go through a slew of razors and shaving creams (or gels) and the like.

Good thing there are new products in the market that will eliminate that long process of trial and error. Enter Nivea for Men Extreme Comfort Shaving System.

The new product from Nivea is formulated with Natural Microtec, the world’s first formula combining nature and micro technology to deliver an irritation-free shaving experience.

Natural Microtec works by extracting the essence of Chamomile and Licorice, two herbs known for their medicinal uses, into smallest units allowing their soothing and healing magic to work more effectively in the skin.

Of course, Nivea’s magic will only work when shaving is done right. We reckon you already know the basics of shaving so here, instead are tips on how to get that cleaner, closer shave:

1. Wet, wet, wet. Well-soaked hair is much weaker so it’s easier to shave. Shower before shaving to drench your beard completely. You’ll see how easy shaving will become.
2. Soap ain’t a substitute. There is a reason why shaving creams and gels must be used for shaving. It’s because they make it easier for you to glide the razor smoothly. A moisturizing shaving cream is even better because it lubricates your skin, protecting it from razor burn.
3. Directed by. We never tire of reminding you to always, always sahve in the direction of hair growth. You can try shaving against it, sure, but that’ll result in nicks and cuts.
4. The rule of three. Rinse your razor every after three strokes. Imagine shaving with a razor full of cream and hair, right?
5. Moisturize. Shaving creams and gels may have ingredients that are a bit too strong for your skin so make sure you moisturize after shaving. This relieves micro-injuries and safeguards the skin against irritation.

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