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10 Grooming Essentials To Help You Get Ready In 10 Minutes

Looking good doesn't have to take a backseat just because you overslept
by Jeremiah Capacillo for | Sep 24, 2018
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Relax, it happens to the best of us: Despite setting up several alarms on your phone, you oversleep and end up waking up half an hour before you're due at work. Although you may be tempted to run straight out the door in your pajamas, a quick grooming routine will have you sufficiently prepared for the day ahead. We round up 10 grooming products that prove you don't need to—take too long—to look and feel great.

Godiva Shampoo and Conditioner Bar (P525) from Lush

PHOTO BY Lush USA Website

Double-duty products are great when you're pressed for time in the mornings. This shampoo-and-conditioner bar from Lush will keep your hair looking great and cut your shower time in half.

Natural Refreshing Shower Gel For Men (P159.75) from Human Nature

PHOTO BY Human Nature Website
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Take the concept of the double-duty product one step further with a product you can lather up on your hair, face, and body. All you need is this shower gel from Human Nature for the quickest shower of your life. (It's made from all-natural ingredients, too!)

Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser (P540) from CosRX

PHOTO BY BeautyMNL Website

You may be in a huge rush, but at the very least, don't forget to wash your face. This cult-favorite facial cleanser from CosRX will keep you looking and feeling fresh for the day ahead.

Dry Shampoo (P223) from Beach Born

PHOTO BY Beach Born Website
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For mornings when you're in a bit of a rush, throw in a bottle of dry shampoo in your bag, like this one from local brand Beach Born. It will absorb oils from your scalp and add volume to your hair, making you look fresh even if you were unable to take a shower.

Deodorant (P250) from Zero Basics

PHOTO BY BeautyMNL Website

There's no quicker grooming step in the morning than applying deodorant. A few spritzes of this all-natural deodorant from Zero Basics will keep unpleasant odors at bay, thanks to its blend of peppermint, tea tree, and lavender essential oils.

Hello Sunny Hydrating Sun Essence (P1,150) from Banila Co.

PHOTO BY BeautyMNL Website
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Go ahead and skip out on the moisturizer, but don't you dare forego your sunscreen. This SPF moisturizer from Banila Co. will keep your skin soft and supple while protecting it from UV rays.

CK One Eau de Toilette (P2,700) from Calvin Klein

PHOTO BY Calvin Klein Website

well-chosen fragrance is a no-fuss grooming step that can do instant wonders in elevating how you present yourself. You'll love the citrusy notes of this classic unisex scent from Calvin Klein.

Styling Cream High Hold (P1,120) from Dippity Do Men

PHOTO BY Slickville Barbers Website
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Pomade may be a great product to keep you looking sharp, but it can take quite a while to get your 'do just right. Use a malleable and no-fuss product like styling cream instead, such as this one from Dippity Do Men.

Soft Pincushion Hairbrush (P499) from Sho-Bi

PHOTO BY BeautyMNL Website

When in a hurry, make sure to grab a hairbrush so you can fix that bedhead. A wide brush with a soft cushion like this one from Sho-Bi is your best bet to keep your 'do on point.

Breath Spray (P105) from Swish

PHOTO BY BeautyMNL Website
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You can skip breakfast if you want to, but don't even think about skipping the mouthwash. This pocket-sized breath spray from Swish will keep your breath extra minty-fresh even when you're on the go.


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