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10 Locally Made Pomades For A Slick Hairstyle

Embrace your inner dapper don with these products
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If there's one area of vanity all men indulge in, it has to be their hair. There's nothing that makes a guy more confident than knowing his slicked-back hairdo is on point. Although monthly visits to your go-to barbershop will do the trick in maintaining your 'do in the long run, a well-chosen pomade does wonders in keeping your hairstyle sleek on a day-to-day basis. Here are 10 locally made options that will keep your hair game strong.

Bubblegum Bastard Pomade (P350) from Slicktight

PHOTO BY Slicktight Website
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Don't be fooled by this product's fun, sweets-themed packaging. Although it smells like a childhood trip to the candy store, this oil-based pomade from Slicktight has a strong hold that can handle even the tallest quiff.

Deputy Shine Pomade (P90) from Bench

PHOTO BY Bench Philippines Website

Pomades aren't just for holding gravity-defying hairstyles in placeâthey can also provide a nice shiny finish to your 'do. This pomade from Bench is perfect for looser, more flexible styles.

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Slick Sharp Heavy-Hold Pomade (P250) from Eight Wolves

PHOTO BY Eight Wolves Facebook Page

Eight Wolves has gained quite a following from some of Manila's most stylish gents—and for good reason. Their pomades will keep every strand in place, complete with gleaming sheen.

Northerner Pomade (P320) from The Maverick

PHOTO BY The Maverick Facebook Page
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Beat the heat with pomade brand The Maverick's bestseller! This pomade wonât just make you look good, but also feel good thanks to the mixture of mint and olive oils that will treat your scalp to a cool, relaxing sensation.

Quicksand Water-Based Clay Pomade (P500) from El Hefe's

PHOTO BY Slickville Barbers Website
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Although the vintage-inspired shiny style is a classic, sometimes you just want a more natural-looking finish. This water-based pomade from El Hefe's washes off easily and has a barely-there matte finish—perfect for recreating a no-fuss bedhead hairstyle.


Jack of Spades Pomade (P620) from Gentleman Jack

PHOTO BY Slickville Barbers Website
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Start your day right with a few dabs of this water-based pomade by Gentleman Jack. Besides its firm hold and high-shine finish, its energizing espresso scent won't fail to perk you up each morning!

Blue Ice Extreme Hold Pomade (P550) from Lucky Thirty Five

PHOTO BY Slickville Barbers Website

Several pomades have a relaxing minty effect, but this one from Lucky Thirty Five takes cool to a different level. Its icy sensation will make your scalp feel like Siberia, in the best way possible.

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Lemon Gel Pomade (P300) from Slickville Barbers

PHOTO BY Slickville Barber's Website

Not all pomades come in heavy cream forms—this option from Slickville Barbers has a fun, lemon-scented gel formula. The best part? Unlike other oil-based pomades, this water-based formula washes off easily in the shower!

Killah Vanilla Heavy Hold Pomade (P250) from Scumbag Gianni

PHOTO BY Scumbag Gianni Facebook Page
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Real talk: There's nothing unmanly about liking sweet-smelling styling products. This pomade from Scumbag Gianni can handle even the highest mohawk (if that's your thing) thanks to its extreme hold, with a delicious-smelling vanilla scent to go along with it.

Gwapito's Pomade (P329) from Gent's Code

PHOTO BY Gent's Code Facebook Page
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True to its name, this medium-hold pomade fromGent's Code willÂhelp you rack up extra pogi points. You'll love its natural sheen and delightful apple scent.

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