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Four Grooming Tips for Men Who Have Hair Everywhere!

A ladies' man with body hair? It's possible with these tips!
| Oct 29, 2014
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These days, men are expected required to have grooming habits - ladies generally prefer well-groomed and clean-shaven men. However, some are still afraid to groom themselves...and be called metrosexuals. But come on, pare. You have to understand that women dig the clean-looking ones.

We mean, why not, right? Women shave all the time using trustworthy razors such as the Schick Quattro to remove unwanted hair and have long-lasting silky smoothness. You should do your part too, dude. Consider body grooming or “man-scaping” if you want to look your best. She deserves it. You deserve it.

Consider the following grooming tips:

1. Trim your chest hair

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Although some women like chest hair, most would avoid touching the carpet on your chest. Try thinning it out. No need to shave it all off; maybe leave enough for her fingers to play with. Ask your lady love whether or not she digs a hairless chest. If she does, better shave regularly, because if you don’t, cuddling will be very uncomfortable for both of you.

2. Your shoulder and back hair have to go

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Back and shoulder hair is just plain disgusting. In fact, just go to the bathroom and get rid of it. Women who find it sexy are weird.

3. Experiment with your facial hair

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Facial hair looks good on most men, but too much of it is just plain bonkers. Remember: there's a fine line between looking like a sexy lumberjack and looking like a caveman. Experiment with your look. Do women find you more attractive with facial hair? Do you turn heads without it? Find your niche.

4. Know what women want

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Groom yourself based on what women like. They're the ones you're trying to impress, after all. Take their opinions into account. Moreover, use shaving foam or aloe to avoid irritation and dryness of your skin. Try Schick Shave Guard Sensitive Lime Foam or Aloe Gel.

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The Schick Sensitive Lime Foam has moisturizing components mixed with a gentle formula to help soothe and protect your skin from razor burn. The lime fragrance is an added bonus for you to feel oh-so-refreshed. Bagong-ligo fresh!

The Schick Sensitive Aloe Gel, on the other hand, helps prevent irritation and dryness of skin due to the gentle formula used and you'll feel very reinvigorated due to the aloe fragrance.

Use these products with either of your favorite Schick razor: the Exacta 2 Sensitive Green Disposable and the Exacta 2 System. Both will help provide effortless shaving with their thin blades and enhanced lubricating strip that helps reduce irritation and cuts.

Pair either the Schick shaving foam or gel with any of the two razors and you'll be ready come action time!

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