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Fragrances from Adidas and Ralph Lauren!

Because you want to smell good, always
by Lou E. Albano | Oct 4, 2011
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While adidas and Ralph Lauren are brands whose logos you associate with shoes and shirts, you might want to rethink what you know. The two recently launched their fragrances collection.

adidas presents its Pure Game Men's Grooming Line that takes to the every day the sporty edge of active men in court. It is a 4-product fragrance line that includes a roll-on deo, shower gel, eau de toilette, and body spray.

It is by the latter—the body spray— that Ralph Lauren meanwhile bulks up its Big Pony Fragrance Collection. Much like the original line of fragrances, the body sprays come in four scents: sporty, with the big fat "1," seductive, with the big fat "2;" adventurous in "3," and stylish in "4."

This makes us wonder: Why the focus on body sprays? Unlike say, cologne and perfume that subtly creeps up on you and then linger, body sprays are like big olfactory announcements, taking your scent front and center. As the Ralph Lauren camp says, it gives "a clear and precise signal from the top to the background."

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For full effect, the two—and in the case of adidas, the four— works best when used together. Check out the gallery below for more information.

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