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Get rid of acne

<p>A list of vitamins and minerals that will help you rid of acne</p>
| Oct 7, 2009
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While acne is caused by a lot of things—chief of them is genetics—the good news is that a slew of vitamins and minerals can help prevent them, too. We list some of them and food items where you can get them. [firstpara]
1. Vitamin E. Apart from its antioxidant qualities—it’s one of the best antioxidants in the world—vitamin E is known to help maintain young, supple skin. The best way to fill up on Vitamin E is, of course, through food. Nuts, milk, spinach, egg, asparagus and wholegrain food are good sources of vitamin E.

2. Vitamin B3. Also known as Niacin, vitamin B3 helps the body get rid of toxins, improves circulation, and reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, as well as promotes healthy skin and good digestion. According to, “Niacin helps stabilize blood sugar, and has been used to treat acne.” Some sources of vitamin B3 are fish, liver, green vegetables, and tomatoes. While milk isn’t really a spectacular source of the said vitamin, “its proteins are rich in trptopahn, which is converted in the body into niacin,” informs

3. Riboflavin. We need Riboflavin, aka vitamin B2 for the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates, to activate certain vitamins like vitamin B6, as well as to create niacin. According to, it is most beneficial to the skin, hair and nails. agrees: “Acne is one of the main symptoms of a riboflavin deficiency.” Among the good sources of vitamin B2 are organ meats, cheese, eggs, whole grains, and yogurt.

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4. Folic Acid. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, asparagus, lettuce, and peas are awesome sources of folic acid. How does folic acid, or vitamin B9 help in acne prevention? According to, “Folic acid improves the condition of up to 87% of acne patients. In one human study 75% of patients receiving folic acid therapy for their acne experienced significant improvement and a further 12% of patients experienced some improvement.” And an even better bit—it helps in treatment of alcoholism because, as the same website says, “most alcoholics are found to be deficient in folic acid.”

Sure you get get your daily fill of these vitamins from your diet, a new acne-control capsule has been made available in the market. SkinB5 Acne Control Capsule is formulated to help fight pimples.

Apart from the vitamins listed above, Acne Control contains other vitamins, minerals, and herbs that treat facial and body acne, and help control skin oil. Overall, it contains 9 vitamins, 3 herbs, and 2 minerals for the ultimate acne treatment.

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