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Good Hygiene means Good Odor

<p>Smell good, all the time!</p>
| Nov 11, 2009
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In the morning, Everybody looks fresh at the MRT. You might not actually smell the people but you know they've just bathed. And so squishing with the next dude ain't so bad.

At the end of the day, however, it's another scenario. How many times did you wait until the last trip just to avoid the jam-packed trains and the consequential, inescapable olfactory hell? We know, it smells different by then.

Make sure you are not contributing to the smell pollution more migraine-inducing than staring at your computer the whole day. Remember that scents aren't the end-all and the be-all to odor problems. They are merely enhancers, not necessarily solutions.The first stop to fixing this prob? Good hygiene.

If you think you might be immune to your own smell, ask a friend who will be dead-on honest. Also, remember that cologne and perfume aren't exactly the only solution to odor problem. Be hard on odor, but not on yourself.

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Below is a four-step way to smelling nice, naturally.

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