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How To Keep Your Grooming Game On Point, According To Paulo Avelino

Let the award-winning actor show you his ways
by Khatrina Bonagua | Mar 13, 2018
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There are a few men in show business that we admire. Aside from their appeal with the ladies (and we envy that, TBH), we look up to these gentlemen for their seemingly effortless swag—on and off cam.

And if there’s such a thing as a man peg, Paulo Avelino, hands-down, belongs on our list. The Kapamilya actor has proven through time—from being the shy Starstruck avenger to Ang Larawan’s Tony Javier—that he’s one the most talented actors of his generation.

During the launch of Berocca Singles Pack last March 6, we caught up with the new Berocca endorser and asked him how he manages to take care of himself despite his busy schedule. Here are some of his easy grooming tips in case you need some pogi advice.

1) Always opt for a neat, clean cut appearance


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Gone are the days when the dirty, bad boy look was a sign of masculinity. Now, women desire a well-groomed man. Don’t worry—you don't have to regularly go to the barber to achieve that. All you have to do, according to the 29-year-old actor, is to always opt for the neat, clean cut appearance. Get a haircut at least twice a month, control your facial hair, and trim your nails. These basic steps are sometimes overlooked, but when maintained, will give you that mabango look that never fails. The actor admits that he’s just low-maintenance when it comes to his grooming habits, that’s he keeps things simple.

2) Don’t overfix yourself

Don't try so hard when it comes to “fixing” yourself. “Don’t put too much products in your hair. Don’t overdress. Don’t put too much perfume,” he adds. Sometimes, a little goes a long way. 

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3) Cleanse and moisturize


If you thought skin care was just for the ladies, think again. Paulo shares that even if he’s tired AF, he never forgets to cleanse and moisturize his face every night. “For skin, make sure to clean your face every morning and at night. And before you sleep, you should moisturize!” We’ll never get tired of reiterating this: start a skin care regimen right now before you start getting wrinkly! Also, ladies love kissing a smooth face—we think that’s reason enough.

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4) Confidence is always key

Last but not the least (and probably the most important advice ever): “The best way to groom yourself is to be confident with who you are.” These are wise words from the award-winning actor. As it turns out, it all starts from within, gentlemen.

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