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8 Man-Grooming Tools That Also Deserve Your Attention

Like a basketball team's role player (think Freddie Abuda or Doug Kramer), these manscaping tools will do for you all the dirty work your body needs
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 13, 2014
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Bro, do us a favor: the next time you take a trip to the banyo, take a good look at the things you have in there.

Chances are you'll see the "usual tools," like your pang-ahit and toothbrush. These are the essentials, a.k.a. the ones every dude should absolutely have.

However, there are several other grooming tools out there that, while not as popular or are the subject of TV ads, are nonetheless still useful if you want to look and feel completely clean and pogi.

Here we list down the instruments that should be part of your grooming ritual. Like a basketball team's role player (think Freddie Abuda or Doug Kramer), these manscaping tools will do for you all the dirty work your body needs. Because, really, you don't want to use your sipilyo to scrub other parts of your body!


Spot it: The tongue cleaner (note: not the one attached to the back of your toothbrush's head) has a long handle akin to that of a shaving razor. The head comes in different shapes and sizes. Some variants even resemble a hammerhead shark:

other grooming tools

other grooming tools

Use it: No need to guess what this is forthe name says it all! Use a tongue cleaner to gently scrape away food bits, dead cells, and bacteria on the surface of your dilaa chore your good ol' T-brush isn't exactly good at. The result? A cleaner mouth and a fresher breath. Remember: Kulang ang mag-sipilyo lang!


other grooming toolsSpot it: A callus remover looks like a comb without bristles. The head, usually circular or rectangular in shape, has a rough surface similar to that of a nail file.

Use it: We dudes can easily get a callus or kalyo from doing rough, manly things (i.e. lifting weights, sitting all day). It removes calluses by scraping, much like how a tongue cleaner does it job. Pro-tip: A good time to remove calluses is right after taking a bath, when the dead skin is still soft, making it easier to scrape off.

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And before you say "Kalyos are manly!" think about what your girl feels everytime she touches your rough-as-The-Thing's hands.


other grooming tools

Spot it: A tube-like contraption with a rotating blade set inside a narrow head, a nose hair trimmer is a battery-operated machine so all you have to do is stick it up your nose.

Use it: Nose hair trimmers don't pluck noise hair. It functions like the smaller version of powered automatic shavers. Thanks to a rotating blade, it cuts and trims your tutsang easy. Don't worry; the blade itself is set inside the tube and doesn't make contact with your skin.

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