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Can One Lone Roll Of Deodorant Last You A Day?

FHM's unofficial grooming guinea pig finds out
by Chise Alcantara | Mar 17, 2016
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You’re getting ready for work, loving your presko, just-out-of-the-shower self, ready to face the day ahead with freshness in between your armpits. But suddenly you take a look at your deo and see that no matter what kind of taktak or kutkot you do, there's not enough juice in them anymore to coat both your armpits.

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Don’t lose hope. One roll might be enough. Or is it? Today, we find out as we test out how long one roll of your deo on your 'pits will last. 


The hypothesis: Using deodorant below the recommended amount can still help you survive a day without becoming stinky.

Materials: One deodorant (we used a roll-on) and two armpits (preferably both owned by the same person)

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Procedure: Apply a single roll to armpit A, apply recommended amount (usually 2-4 rolls) to armpit B fully covering its surface area.


Applying the deo
Several research groups have shown that the best time to apply the deodorant is before you go to bed at night. It gives the deodorant enough time to settle inside your pores to fully utilize its antiperspirant effects

In the morning
Commuting was surprisingly easy that day. Arrived in the office still feeling pretty fresh. So far so good.

By noon, the deo in armpit A seems to have lost its power while armpit B’s deo seems to be going strong
We had to accomplish an errand for work, which forced us to brave the horrendously hot weather. This caused the real first instance of sweat (just enough to feel uncomfortable but not enough to drip and leave a stain) to manifest in armpit A.

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By late afternoon—just sitting still at our air-conditioned office—armpit A's gotten pretty moist.
Typing on a keyboard for a long time caused moderate moisture to form on armpit A’s surface, which caused this FHM guinea pig to want to stretch his arms every so often to release the musk forming inside his clothes.

By nine in the evening, the air-conditioning in the office has been turned off.
Without air-conditioning, the apparent change in moisture build-up was very noticeable both inside and outside the FHM guinea pig’s clothes. It’s truly a strange sight to see one side of your clothes turn a darker shade compared to the other side.


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After an entire day, that single roll of deo will be ineffective. We suggest not planning any physical activities during days you don’t have enough deo to rely on. Or just don't run out of deo and apply the recommended amount like always.


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