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Hair care for your hair type

<p>Know your hair type to give it the proper hair care</p>
| Nov 4, 2009
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We've all heard this before: Know your enemy. The same goes for hair—you need to know your hair type before you start styling and cutting and what-have-you. Why? Because there are hair cuts that just don't work with curly hair and there are hair products that will only make your already-oily hair even more oily. So, read on and find out your hair type. And then let the taming of the beast begin.


When there’s just too much moisture and humidity in the air—think summer lagkit!—even the slightest hint of wave becomes frizzy and poufy. So unless you’re going for that frizzy look, the key is to hit it with a conditioner.

•    Don't hide your curls. Air-dry with a curling cream or a shine serum. These products help in defining your curls, as opposed to allowing your curly tops to fizzle out to a buhaghag look. They also add a healthy—not greasy!—shine.
•    Do not comb or brush your hair at all. Style with your fingers and try not to touch it after that for the rest of the day. This will keep that buhaghag look away.
•    If you can, shampoo every other day. If you can’t stand it, wash everyday accompanied by a conditioner.
•    Get regular trims especially when you feel the ends are getting dry.

With the dry-wet condition of our weather, fine hair can certainly go limp. What you would like to achieve is full and healthy mane. The secret lies in blowdrying. Yes, you have to.

•    Mousse bulks up the hair. Apply after shower and blowdry.
•    Brushed up is the best look for you. Never brush at the scalp though, if the roots are smooth your hair will turn flat.
•    Ask your barbero if you can get away with bangs.
•    Wash with volumizing shampoo everyday. Do not use thick conditioners.

We all love thick hair because it seems to do no wrong. The challenge with this thick hair is in keeping it shiny. If out-of-bed works for you, well and good. But when a special you want your hair to do more, consult our checklist below:

•    After shower, warm a small amount of leave-in conditioner or frizz-fighting gloss between hands and run through hair.
•    If you’re the type who blowdries, use a flat brush.
•    Achieve texture by washing your hair every three or four days with shampoo and everyday with conditioner.

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