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FHM Summer Guide 2014: 6 Dude-Approved Hair Care Tips Against The Sun

Don't let your precious locks get victimized by the sun and the sea this summer. Protect it with these easy-to-follow tips!     
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 25, 2014
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In this season of sun and sand, skin protection comes to mind. Nobody wants to look like a sunburned nognog now, right?

However, that doesn’t mean you should forget that other important area that literally tops off your aspirations to be super pogi: your hair.

Like your complexion, your hair finds summer a torturous ordeal. The sun’s rays are more intense this time of the year which can lead to more damage up there. You could wear caps and bonnets every time you go out, but you can't hide your sunog crown forever. Not only that; the water you swim in can also wreak havoc on your mane.

So the next time you think of ways to protect your skin from the sun, spread the love to your hair as well. We help you out with some simple tips on how to keep your locks in better shape and looking great this summer!

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summer hair care tips menManny's hair could really use a shower now

This is the most basic rule—something that you should put to heart all year long. Its importance is highlighted during summer because of one key ingredient: sweat. You see, more sweat leads to salt build-up (because sweat is composed of salt and water) on your scalp. Excessive salt is bad for your hair; it can damage and dry your locks, especially the roots. If left unchecked, breakage can occur.

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Another problem with excessive pawis is the accumulation of dirt. Dirt can cause scalp irritation which in turn makes you scratch more. The result? Damaged strands = panget you.

So don’t be lazy. Wash your hair at least once daily (or twice if you sweat like a pig being grilled) to rid your scalp of excessive sweat and dirt.


Hidden in the depths of swimming pools is a chemical that’s bad news for your hair: chlorine. Used as a disinfectant, it also strips essential oils off your hair, making it look and feel dull and dry.

summer hair care tips menWhen you forgot to take a shower after dipping in a chlorine-rich pool

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One simple way to avoid this is to shower before you go for a dip. Our hair is like a sponge so when it’s already wet once you go to the pool, it will absorb less of the chlorinated water, thereby minimizing the negative effects.

Once you’re done flapping away at the pool, shower again to wash away the chlorine before it does more harm. Now you know why your scary swimming coach always forced you to shower before and after doing laps. Thanks, coach!

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