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Is It Okay For Men To Color Their Hair?

Here's what world-renowned hairstylist Bertram K has to say
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Apr 17, 2016
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World-renowned L'Oreal hairstylist Bertram K recently came here to the Philippines to present the latest in hair color and style trends.  

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FHM was lucky enough to be given the chance to talk to him. We wasted no time and asked: "Is it a good idea for guys to color their hair?"

He quickly responded: "That depends on the guy's preference [but] guys may color their hair to enhance their look or image."

He recommends to go with "color ranges that are two levels near their normal hair color" to make it look natural. But if you want to go crazy, you can go with lighter hair color and undergo bleaching.


Bertram says the hair texture—fine, medium or thick/coarse hair—should also be taken into consideration when coloring hair.

He explains: "The thicker or coarser the hair, the harder it is for color to penetrate. But with a great colorist, this is easy."

Avoid hair products such as gel and wax to keep a long, lasting hair color. He says they often create build-up, therefore color might not penetrate the hair deep enough.

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Photography by Kerr Santos

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