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Hip Hairstyles To Take Charge Of Your Thinning Hair

Don't fight it, embrace it
by Shayne Exito | Jan 15, 2017
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So we hear your hairline decided to head for the hills. Or perhaps you were just simply #blessed with naturally fine hair? Either way, you can’t exactly toss back a full mane of luxurious hair like all those Fabio-lookalikes on the covers of the bodice rippers your lady friends like to indulge in every now and then.

No need to despair, though! You might not have the long, flowing locks that apparently feature into many a woman’s fantasy, but you can still look damn good even with thinning hair. It’s all just a matter of finding the right style that will emphasize your best features and hide the more unflattering ones. Here are some of our top picks:

1) The Bald and the Buzzed

The widely-accepted rule of thumb is: once you start going thin up top, short is the only way to go. While we don’t entirely agree—some men can rock thin AF hip length hair—we can’t ignore how smart a closely cropped hairstyle is. Whether you choose to go full Mr. Clean and do a… well, clean shave, or just buzz it down to a light stubble around your dome, this style is basically you taking charge of your hair situation and saying good riddance. We can’t promise every man who takes the plunge and shaves off his hair can pull off this action hero ‘do, but it’s a risk worth taking at least once in your life.

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Pro-tip: Kick it up a notch and grow a full beard to offset your bald head. A perpetual 5-o’clock shadow looks great with this style too, and really highlights your bone structure.

2) The Basic Brush Back

When your problem is more a growing bald patch and less a receding hairline, a combover really can do wonders for you (though we are not, of course, telling you to do a Trump). But instead of keeping a tight slick back, try it loose and voluminous instead. The point is to subtly cover your bald spot, not creating a hard protective shell over it.

Pro-tip: Keep your hair just long enough that when it’s swept back, it reaches past your crown but still a far distance away from your nape. In fact, a layered cut works best. This way, you can avoid toting an emo-fringe when you let your hair hang loose.


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3) The High and Not-So-Tight

Ok, ok, we give in—the undercut still has some uses, especially for those suffering from thinning hair. Technically speaking though, what we’re looking for is less an undercut and more of a high fade. The high and tight, a military-inspired hairstyle, is a great ‘do for the balding bros in the world because it can completely mask one’s rising hairline. Of course, the best thing about it is that it requires very little maintenance.

Pro-tip: There are actually tons of different ways to cut this style, so make sure you and your barber are talking about the same thing. He might give you fade higher than you’re comfortable with.

4) The Faux Hawk

We can’t help look at mohawks the same way we look at mullets—that is, a trend that we all wish would just go away already. The faux hawk though, despite being a simple variation, is a completely different thing altogether. While the typical mohawk leaves you with only a strip of hair left on your head, this (much cooler, tbh) style simply calls for sides that are clipped short, not shaved clean. The tuft of longer hair up top can then be worked into a peak, or spiked, or just left messily standing upwards. Whichever way you want to go about it, what matters is giving your ‘do some body and drawing attention away from your temples, which usually recede into a telltale widowspeak for those with thinning hair. 

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Pro-tip: Avoid using too much product, if you can. A gel-hardened point on top of your head is, in no way, attractive.

Despite what you may think, thin(ning) hair is not the end of the world. So ditch the baseball cap we know you’ve been constantly wearing to hide your insecurities and fix your hair up into a suitable ‘do. And remember, confidence is the best finishing touch to any look.

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