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5 Hairstyles You Must Stop Sporting ASAP

Exhibit A: The Undercut
by Shayne Exito | Jul 14, 2017
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Trends come and go. What’s cool now might not be cool tomorrow, and similarly, what we consider dorky or plain awful today, might be the next obsession in the future. Hairstyle trends, though, seem to have longer lasting power than the others as quite a few continue to be popular despite all odds.

Of course, while we can’t help but be impressed by how tenacious these styles are, we’re still very much tired of seeing them nearly everywhere we go. We're seven months into 2017 already, boys, it’s time to move on. If you’re still sporting these haircuts, it’s definitely time to head to the barber:

1) The Top Knot

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If you have enough hair for a scruffy little bun at the top of your dome, you’ve got enough hair to style it any other way. A variation of the man bun (just more hipster, amazingly), the top knot is supposed to be a convenient ‘do for dudes with longish top hair. As it is though, the silly knot looks to be more trouble than it’s worth. Quick and effortless, it is not.

2) The Bowl Cut

A little band called The Beatles rocked the bowl cut to hairstyle history. Over the decades, it’s enjoyed brief spurts of popularity, but has largely remained in the bygone era of the ‘60’s. Well, unless you’re a kid (or Justin Bieber), in which case a bowl cut seems to be acceptable, if slightly unfortunate, style to wear. But please, please, please, leave the bowl cut behind once you’ve hit puberty. A grown ass man should not have a mop of hair all over his forehead and in front of his eyes.

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3) The Mohawk

How this hairstyle managed to survive into the new millennium, we have no idea… Oh wait, yes we do—because of the hit that is the undercut, more and more men have unknowingly stepped into legit true-blue mohawk turf and started sporting a hairstyle that should have disappeared a long time ago.

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Listen, if you really want this style, avoid the shave and go for a faux hawk instead—similar enough in silhouette, but leagues more attractive.

4) The Emo Fringe

Speaking of hair in front of your eyes, can we talk about the emo fringe? Once proudly toted by scene kids everywhere, it has since become a mockery of the genre that inspired the style. The original incarnation of the emo fringe has all but faded to obscurity by this point, but recent years have seen the rise of something very close to it. Thanks to the recent trend of keeping top hair long and sides shaved tight, many dudes have ended up with lengthy front bangs that seem to frame the face in the exact same way as the emo fringe. We’re hoping they always remember to have styling product on hand to get all that hair out of the way.

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5) The Undercut

Yes, the undercut. Seemingly the most popular men’s hairstyle of the 2010s, the undercut has been paired with countless different styles, and has even given rise to new ways to wear hair. It’s as ubiquitous as a hairstyle can be, and you’ll be hardpressed to find a room without at least one guy with an undercut neatly in place.

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Now, we won’t deny that a well-executed undercut looks good on a lot of men; nevertheless, it’s not a style that suits everyone. For that alone (and okay, because we’re all a little tired of seeing nothing but undercuts now), we wish men would actually wait a hot second before getting an undercut. After all, just because it’s trending doesn’t mean it’ll actually work for you.

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