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The Best All-Natural Anti-Pawis Remedies For The Summer

So you don't end up smelling like you've come from a long commute
by Pauline Lacanilao | May 6, 2018
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Sure, summer’s great for pool parties and beach trips but when it comes to the sweltering commute to work and the humid nights out, the heat—and sweat, so much sweat—can be a drag. No one wants to be the dude with the drenched shirt and the smells that come with it. So, with everything from sprays to pastes, we’ve come up with some solutions to keep you crisp AF through the worst of these blazing days without leaving a toxic wake behind!

1) Alum AKA tawas

Photo by iHerb

Alum is more commonly known as tawas in the Philippines. It’s a kitchen ingredient, a first-aid remedy, and it helps keep your underarms dry. You can get it in various forms: powder, rock, roll-on, or spray—they all work the same. If you’re not comfortable buying Breaking Bad-looking crystals from your local market, go for brands like Naturally Fresh or Crystal Body Deodorant.

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2) Avalon Organics Peppermint Body Wash 

Photo by Avalon

For that all-day freshness, shower in the morning with this minty body wash. The all-natural aloe vera, citrus, and peppermint oils will energize your senses and add a cool barrier between you and the humidity, keeping you dry for longer.


3) Human Nature Deodorant for Men 

Photo by Human Nature

Sweat is bound to happen, but stink doesn’t have to. This 100 percent natural deodorant contains woodsy-smelling bergamot and rosemary oils instead of synthetic fragrances—meaning you’ll smell hella manly like some super fresh lumbersexual, while still being gentle to your skin. For best results, apply it liberally on your underarms.

P99.75, Human Nature

4) Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

Photo by Nasanta

On top of being one of the “cleanest” (it only has 7 ingredients!) and most ethically-produced (no animal testing!) deodorants, this Australian brand also boasts 12 hours of dryness after just a couple of swipes. It’s a bit pricey, but worth it for those with allergies to fragrances and other synthetic ingredients.

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P2,622, Lazada

5) Primal Pit Paste

Photo by Primal Pit Paste

Pit...paste? Made from organic oils and butters, Primal Pit Paste can be a bit messy to apply. But what it lacks in neatness, it more than makes up for in effectivity. Not only does it last all day, but buying a 2-ounce jar will last you about 6 weeks.

P895, Shopee


6) Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick Charcoal + Magnesium

Photo by Schimdt's

Absorbing sweat and neutralizing odor with all-natural ingredients, Schmidt’s is a reliable deodorant available in scents like Waves and Bergamot+Lime. Plus, made with jojoba seed oil and vitamin E, it’ll soothe your skin.

P650, Lazada

7) Yuni Shower Sheet Body Wipes

Photo by Yuni

If you’re soaking in sweat and don’t have time for a shower, these wipes will be your best friend. They clean, cool, and deodorize you while you’re on the go. Also, the wipes are biodegradable and infused with natural ingredients—so they’re good for the environment and for you.

Price available upon request, LuckyVitamin

8) Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths

Photo by Cetaphil

Another option for a quick wipedown are Cetaphil’s cleansing cloths. Unlike the Yuni wipes, these are fragrance-free—perfect for those who just want to be clean without any complications.

Price available upon request, Watsons

9) Honeybee Gardens Deodorant Powder

Photo by Honeybee Gardens

This deodorant is effective for those who perspire heavily but don’t want all the health risks that come with using aluminum-based antiperspirants. It easily absorbs wetness and odor and since it comes in a powder form, you can use it under your arms, on your feet, and anywhere else you want to keep dry.


10) Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant

Photo by Arm & Hammer

Using baking soda and plant extracts, this natural deodorant leaves you feeling clean and dry. Free of aluminum, colorants, parabens, and animal products means that it’s great for the environment. And another bonus: it’s got a fresh, masculine smell that lasts throughout the day.

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