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Here’s The Trending Hairstyle You’ll Want This Summer

An easy way to update your favorite fade
by Vincent Ong | Mar 21, 2017
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Zayn Malik sporting a new hairstyle at the Balmain Fall/Winter 2017 fashion show has broken the Internet recently.

As expected, Twitter was instantly ablaze with comments and early '90s pop references, and soon enough, images of the singer’s front row appearance made the rounds on all the fashion sites—cementing the new-new way to wear the ubiquitous fade.

Think of the as-of-yet unnamed style as the low-key tamad way to preserve the life of your well-loved disconnected undercut, but still mix things up style-wise. 

Now while Zayn’s hair is asymmetric, with only the right side of his head shaved, you can easily modify the trend to suit our humid weather and casual lifestyle. Celebrity hairstylist Ryan Ko, who is the regular hairstylist of Daniel Padilla and has worked with the likes of Xian Lim, Zanjoe Marudo and Diether Ocampo, explains that one way to do this is to keep both sides equally trimmed. See how he tweaked the trend for the young star.  

Little by little, bangs have been creepin’ their way back to the fashion fore. But if you're still not there 100 percent, an option is to have your fringe neatly combed to the side of your face the way Daniel does it.

Artistic Education Manager of L’Oreal Academie, Eddie Mar Cabiltes, whose projects has spanned from local government (Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano) to Hollywood (Ian Somerhalder, Zac Efron and Gabriel Macht) says, “This style is flexible and works with all face shapes, especially the square. Usually Pinoy men are one of three common face shapes—square, oblong or round. Each can adapt the style to enhance his features. If you have a square face, go for a long side-part with medium-length sides. For round: Medium-long crown with closely shaved sides. And for oblong: Medium-length top with medium-length sides as well.” 

Want to get on it? Here’s how:

1) Grow the horseshoe on the crown of your head, while maintaining the trim length on the sides and back.
2) Congrats, your hair is long enough for bangs!
3) Do as you would. Ryan suggests, “Skip the conditioner, so your hair will have more volume.”
4) Apply your product of choice. While both stylists agree that regular matte-finish wax works, each prefers a different texturizer. Eddie Mar is a fan of hairspray, while Ryan recommends dusting dry hair with powder wax.
5) Gather all your hair to one side, leaving the bangs pointing down towards one eye.
6) Muss it up, pinch it to enhance the texture or simply brush it into obedience. How you style it is entirely up to you! Using one’s natural waves might even add an unexpected effect.

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Other celebs who have sported this hair include the Beibs who has since come into his own in the style arena. How would you style this disconnected undercut?

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