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Here's Why You're Having a Bad Hair Day

Avoid these five things to prevent your hair from becoming a hard-to-control rebel
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 11, 2016
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There are worse things in life, but let's face it, having a bad hair day can make you downright cranky. Imagine waking up to a sunshiny Monday, all prepared for the meeting of your lifetime, when voila, after bath YOUR. HAIR. JUST. WON’T. COOPERATE. You’ve used that wax, this gel, all the other hair products you don’t even know even exists, but still...your hair sucks.

They say prevention is better than cure, so we are here to help you avoid one of the BV-inducing moments of your day. Ditch that baseball cap, and instead follow these tips: 

Stop brushing your hair when it’s wet

That rushing in front of the electric fan thing you do with your hair? Stop. Hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet, and the seemingly harmless stretching, pulling of your hair while still damp is causing your locks undue stress. With every rub, every comb, you are just increasing the risk of frizz and breakage. Plus, brushing your hair when it's wet adds static electricity, making styling harder.  

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What to do: Allow your hair to dry before brushing it. If you can’t wait, use an absorbent towel to remove as much moisture.  You may also use a wide-toothed comb to style your damp hair.

Refrain from washing your hair excessively

We take a bath once, twice a day—shampoo, soap, the whole shebang. But the old people are right when they tell us we really shouldn’t shampoo every day. Washing our hair strips strands of essential nutrients that they need to look their best. Shampoo traps oils, so if you do it too frequently, you may dry your hair out, making it prone to breakage. Dry hair is equal to hard-to-style hair, so unless you want to wear that hat all night long during your date, don't shampoo.

What to do: Shampoo two to three times a week only. This will allow your mane to maintain a healthy level of natural oil, without building up too much grease. Your girlfriend’s conditioner and dry-shampoo? Yes, use it.

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Turn down that water heater

We know you live for hot showers. But wait, stop turning that water heater a degree higher because studies show that steaming hot water saps hair of necessary moisture. Showering with hot water also weakens the hair roots, leaving you with a frizzy nest above your head.  You still want shaggable hair for your lady love to touch, right? Good.

What to do: After a hot (but not steaming!) shower, douse yourself with a stream of freezing water. This will help lock in moisture, increase circulation, and leave your hair (and skin, too) looking instantly more luscious.

Junk those junk foods

Sorry guys, but yes, what you eat greatly affects the condition of your hair. The cells that make up each strand of hair require regular supply of key nutrients to remain shiny and strong. Not eating will eventually take its toll not just on your health but also on your hair.

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A body full of junk makes hair greasy (just like your favorite burger), dull, and lifeless. And trust us, that kind of hair is a pain in the ass to style.

What to do: We are not saying you should totally stop munching on that fries, you just have to, balance.  

Stop stressing yourself

Got a new job? Girlfriend’s on PMS-mode? Client presentation coming up? Stressful, right? More bad news: stress doesn’t just make your hair dryer—it also leads to hair loss. “When you have a really stressful event, it can shock the hair cycle, (pushing) more hair into the shedding phase,” Marc Glashofer, MD, a dermatologist in New York City said. Excess amounts of cortisol, a hormone produced by the body when under stress, causes hair to become dry and brittle. Now, you don’t want a bigger problem (read: receding hairline)  aside from your already hard-to-manage hair don’t you?

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What to do: Man, chill out. You’ll ace everything doing that, believe us.

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