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Here’s Your Guide To Shaving Unwanted Body Hair

To shave or not to shave? That is the question...
by Gel Dee | Feb 22, 2017
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Most men may have stumbled upon the term manscaping, a word which means to achieve better grooming through the removal of unwanted body hair. Some may have considered it, while some just laugh it off, saying it makes them less manly.

But despite others who are better off not shaving their body parts (except the usual shaving of facial hair) because they're already used to it, manscaping can be your ultimate pal to becoming more comfortable and attractive.

We talked to experts in the field of skin care about why men should shave. See what they had to say below:

1) Eyebrows

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We start off with eyebrows. Sure, women these days do care about theirs. Guess what, men should, too. Eyebrows are not a leading concern when it comes to grooming for men. However, reaching manhood can also leave you with hair growing wildly in the eyebrow area, which can distract people you are talking to. Experts say that overgrown eyebrows still need maintenance though not all men have to apply the same type of care. It can either be plucking (through the use if tweezers), waxing, threading, trimming, and shaving.

Of all these, shaving is highly discouraged. Why? Because shaving only cuts the hair at skin level and not entirely up to its roots. Once eyebrows are shaved, it can go back after a couple of days. Worse, it comes back thicker and rougher because blades were used to cut them.

Meanwhile, waxing, too, is said to be unnatural, Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Michael Lin, MD says, “Since men’s brows and facial hair tend to be thicker than women’s, eyebrow waxing can look more dramatic and less natural on men.” Plucking and threading are more advisable.

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2) Armpit

Shaving underarm hair can save you from carrying foul odor. A report in 2016 published by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology says that men who shave their armpits and wash it with soap after reduces the generation of auxiliary odor.

Researcher for the study Dr. Anthony Lanzalaco noted that shaving should be part of the regimen of men to reduce body odor. He also underscored that trimming underarm hair might not be as effective. "Regular shaving with a razor should be considered as part of a grooming regimen that can be used to effectively manage body odors."


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3) Chest

Dr. Angel Medina, a dermatologist and fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society, meanwhile shared that shaving the chest area is the easiest and the least painful of all body parts. It gives you total control of the situation. However, shaving must be gentle as the chest area is sensitive to rashes. After shaving, maintain it by exfoliating at least twice a week.

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4) Legs

Men who are active in sports, like biking and swimming, know that shaving the legs is a must, Medina says. Athletes  shave their legs for aerodynamic purposes. For one, bikers who have their post ride massages experience less pain. It also makes it easier to treat wounds and speeds up the healing process. Bodybuilders also shave their legs more often than the usual.

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For the not-so-sporty dudes, shaving the legs may be for aesthetics purposes. It can be done cheaper through using a razor, just make sure you do it carefully to avoid cuts. Better yet, you may opt to have them waxed. It's more painful but it lasts longer. Body oils and skin lotions should be used to keep your skin moist.

5) Groin area

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And now that we have come to the most delicate area, the first thing you need to remember is to have a strategy. Like a general going to war, fixing your troops and assigning their tasks could save you from potential danger. You should have your razor, clippers, and scissors ready—weapons to arm you before going into action.

Shave the area after showering because the warm temperature gives your skin that soft feeling, Medina explains. Start off by trimming down your pubic hair before using the razor. Shave the hair in the same direction they grow to prevent trapping ingrown hair and irritation. Use shaving gel instead of your usual bath soap to avoid irritating your gentle parts. Again, apply a moisturizer after shaving.


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