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New Low Maintenance Hairstyle Trends To Try This Summer

Tell your barber that you want to keep your look chill
by Shayne Exito | May 21, 2018
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Everyone wants to look presentable. And nowadays, that typically involves putting your hair into super slick pomps or other overly-styled ‘dos. But just because that’s been the dominant trend in the last few years, it doesn’t mean you can’t look dapper with something more casual and low-maintenance. In fact, with summer hitting us full force, a hairstyle that won’t melt under the hot sun will give you better chances of looking good all day.

Here are three styles to show your neighborhood barber the next time you pay him a visit:

1) The Comb Over


When people hear the term comb over, their thoughts flash to middle-aged and older men unsuccessfully attempting to hide a growing bald spot (aka doing a Trump). But the comb over is actually a style that's pretty swag and hits that perfect middle-point between classic and modern.

How to get it:

Most barbers will understand you if you ask for a comb over, but some will respond better if you ask for a side-part (because essentially, that’s what you’re asking for).

Better to already have 2-4 inches of top hair when getting this cut and just trim for a neat touch. Ask your barber to part your hair on your preferred side, and either get a taper fade, undercut, or just shorter sides and back. The point is to leave a longer section on top to, well, comb over into a deep side sweep.

If you really want to commit to this look, request a hard part to get more definition.

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How to style:

It’s easy to achieve a good-looking comb over because the cut gives your hair immediate shape. For a loose style, just sweep the top hair away from your part using your fingers or a brush. Apply a bit of holding product if you have particularly uncooperative hair. Tousle with your hands again if you want an even messier look.

For something slicker and tighter, add product while your hair is still damp then neatly comb into place. Roll the front upwards and back if you want to achieve a lowkey pomp. Pat down with more product.


2) The Asymmetrical Side Fringe


Ok, so this style might be hard to pull off for some. But if you can ace it, you’ll definitely be rocking that  too-cool-to-care vibe that just immediately grabs everyone’s attention. If you want to try something that’s a little outside your comfort zone (because the high-and-tight can get tiring, yeah?), this is a look you can go for.

How to get it:

Grow your top hair out to 3-5 inches. You don’t need to get a hard part for this one, but still ask your barber to taper the sides and back. Then get the top, front section cut at an angle so that it falls long on only one side of your face (the one away from your side part).

How to style it:

When cut right, you don’t need to do much—your hair should fall naturally in place. At most, you just need to comb out the tangles. But if you’re having a bit of trouble, use your fingers to introduce a bit of product. You can also sweep the longer part to the side so they’re not hitting your eyes.

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While this style looks effortless, it can get very messy. Always be ready to tug flyaway hair back into position.

3) The Layered Short Cut


Here’s an everyman hairstyle that doesn’t get as much love and recognition as it deserves. Basically a choppy crop, this style is simple, youthful, and versatile enough that you can wear it anywhere. (And if it’s good enough for K-Drama oppas, it’s worth giving a go, right?)

How to get it:

Head to your barber’s if your hair is already around 2-4 inches long. Have them trim and shape your hair so it falls into subtle layers, with a full fringe in the front. Then ask your barber to do a point-cut to achieve textured, sharp(ish) edges all around.

How to style it:

The best thing about this cut is that it can be worn completely unstyled or sculpted spiked, and it’ll look really good either way. For the casual look, just brush out any tangles and finger comb your bangs so they fall comfortably.

If you’re not in the mood for floppy and loose hair, apply product to lift the front into flattering spikes. You can also use a comb on your bangs to roll them up and diagonally to achieve a dressier finished look.

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