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FHM Kadiri Files #6: How To Deal With Bromodosis (aka Smelly Feet)
Learn more about what makes you stink down there and how to avoid being called "_____ Baho Paa"!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 13, 2014
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A pair of smelly feet is right up there in the list of "Reasons Why This Date Shouldn't Go to the Bedroom," together with other stinky conundrums like B.O. and bad breath. The thing is, while we give adequate attention to areas that can potentially reek, like our armpits, the same isn't probably true for our soles. Admit it, when was the last time you actually cleaned it (no, your [hopefully] daily bathing session doesn't count)?

Because we don't want you to be that guy with a really stinky pair, we dedicate this edition of the FHM Kadiri Files to telling you all about smelly feet and the ways you can deal with it!


Believe it or not, there's actually a medical term used to describe smelly feet: Bromodosis. Bromodosis pertains to human feet having a generally unpleasant odor that will make anyone do this:

how to deal with smelly feet
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As with armpit odor, the main cause for smelly feet is sweat. While it's odorless by itself, sweat encourages the growth of bacteria on the skin. These microscopic nasties love your pawis so much that they digest and break it down into acidic components. This process produces B.O.'s putrid smell. The fact that our feet also have more sweat glands than any other part of our body contributes to bromodosis.


While sweat is the driving force behind smelly feet together with bacteria, shoes and socks play a huge part, too. These footwear items shield your skin thus preventing sweat from evaporating. This gives more time for bacteria to multiply, producing even more odor.

Your shoes also have the three characteristics bacteria love the most: warm, moist, and dark. As such, bacteria can lay claim to your kicks' fabric, breeding on it even after you've removed it from your feet. And that's why you should never again do this:

how to deal with smelly feet
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Our body breaks down food into its most basic components, which are then excreted via number one, number two, and sweating. However, ingredients like onion and garlic tend to have smellier compounds, so much so that when you gobble dishes rich in these aromatic items, chances are your sweat will have a funkier stench. Couple that with the aforementioned smelly feet contributors and you've got a recipe for an olfactory disaster.


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how to deal with smelly feet

Some people sweat more than others, especially if they have this little condition called hyperhidrosis. Despite its nosebleed-inducing name, hyperhidrosis describes something really simple: sweating excessively. The cause behind it is still unknown. However, it usually affects folks who are undergoing hormonal changes like pregnant women and teens. People experiencing hyperhidrosis are more at risk of developing smelly feet simply because they sweat more.

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