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Bro-Torial: A 20-Minute Facial Massage

Do it while in your crib!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 5, 2013
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"Facial massage, ano 'yun?"

A facial is not something we regularly do and can be quite expensive, costing around three grand a session. And would you pass up an NBA game to travel to a skin center and spend for a facial? We thought so.

lab series facial guide

Some still do it. A facial massage removes pimples, black and whiteheads, and other nasties, making you look cleaner and more pogi. And you're thinking: "Nah, still ain't gonna happen, dude."

But what if you need not go to a skin care center and that you can do it by your lonesome in just 20 minutes?

All you need are your hands, a clean face towel, cotton balls, water, and the three Lab Series products made for men below, which we preview. Always nice to know what you put on your face!

1. Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash

lab series facial guide
The Multi-Action Face Wash cleans, exfoliates, and conditions the skin. It washes away dirt and oil, that are always a problem in our smog-filled city.

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SRP: P1,400

2. Lab Series Water Lotion

lab series facial guide
Aside from exfoliating and cleaning, the Water Lotion rehydrates--useful since facial massages can dry out your skin--and refreshes for that bagong hilamos look.


3. Lab Series Age Rescue + Face Lotion

father's day gift guide 2013 johnnie walker black label
For those starting to see wrinkles, the Age Rescue + Face Lotion is a moisturizer that repairs and re-energizes your skin to make it look younger. We wonder though if it will work for Ka-Freddie.

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SRP: P2,800

4. Lab Series Age Rescue + Eye Therapy

lab series facial guide
Because we get eyebags too, here's the Age Rescue + Eye Therapy that revitalizes our skin and removes lines on the area around our eyes. Parang Photoshop lang!

SRP: P1,995

And for the main course: the 20-minute do-it-yourself facial massage featuring FHM staffer and resident facial care master and Mikey Agulto! Check out the next page for the simple, four-part guide!

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