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The FHM Papogi Guide #1: How To Groom Your Brows

Not sure what to do with your unibrow/<em>mala-werewolf kilay</em>? <em>FHM</em>'s got you covered!&nbsp;
by Cia Juan | Jun 19, 2014
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Pinoys are just the vainest! Studies have consistently shown that Filipino men are the most narcissistic in Asia, with over 48 percent of us believing they’re “sexually attractive” and nine out of 10 saying they groom “for themselves.” #Kumpiyansa

And, may we add, it’s not that difficult to prove our, ahem, kaguwapuhan: Pinoys are always in the list of the sexiest, most romantic, and great-smelling men in the world, according to foreigners. Sige na nga!

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What’s our secret? Well, aside from our good genes and sun-kissed complexion, we’ve been taught since nursery that “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness.”  If being “vain” means getting some pedi, pore-cleansing facials, and hair-waxing done for the sake of personal hygiene and looking mabango, then yes, we are sooo vain!

The FHM Papogi Guide will teach you how to be vain in the right way through DIY grooming tips. This week’s pick: How to groom your brows!  


Hey fellas, we know girls could be a little demanding when it comes to grooming (1. shave daily, 2.use deo and cologne, 3.use wax, not gel, 4.use oil-blotting paper, 5.change sweaty t-shirt, 6. bring face towel, etc.), but they got something more important to nag us about: grooming brows.

Seriously, they’re the very first thing girls notice when they see you (believe us, it's not your eyes). They actually judge you based on the shape, arch, and volume of your brows! For example:

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See? Just imagine if the celebs below had the above eyebrow types—not-so-pogi anymore, right?

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First, know the general rule in manscaping your brow: 

Never ever increase the natural arch of your brows. Just follow your eye's natural shape. You want a clean but natural look. 

NEXT: A step-by-step guide to trimming and plucking 

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