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Here's How You Can Keep Your Tattoo From Fading

Sure you know it's going to fade overtime, but there are effortless ways to make your ink last longer
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 31, 2016
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So you've found the perfect artist, sat through the pain, and spent thousands of pesos on a great tattoo. Now what? It's time to take certain protective measures to make sure your ink lasts longer in its shining glory.

For the first week after being tattooed, Daddy Ram Marual, tattoo artist at Psyko Studio Tattoos in Cavite, recommends applying ointment after taking a bath.

"Apply Vitamin A and D cream very thinly after a bath daily for a week. [They] help speed up the healing," Marual says. But beware of over-moisturizing. This can over saturate the tattoo and cause excess scabbing to come off prematurely.

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He adds, "Never touch a fresh tattoo with your bare hands. Treat it as a surgical issue. [Don't] pick at the scabs while your tattoo is healing. The itching will be a bitch and it will be all up to your willpower not to scratch."

You are also not advised to "swim for at least a month after your tattoo session." Swimming pools contain chlorine and other chemical which could be painful and damaging to an open wound.[ArticleReco:{"articles":["34701""34668""34556""33452"]}]

If your tattoo has fully healed, make sure to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 45 before going outside. A bad sunburn can destroy the integrity of a tattoo especially if the skin peels.

"You need to use a high SPF sunblock. It protects the tattoo pigment under the skin from fading. This is applicable only if the tattoo is fully healed, which is a month or more after being done," the tattoo artist advises.

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If you are planning to have a tattoo soon, you might want to avoid placing it on your wrist, knuckles, elbows, or top of the foot.

"[They] fade a lot faster than ones that were done on the ribs, abdomen, and other usually hidden areas." He goes by explaining: "These high friction areas are frequently exposed to outside contact such as the foot rubbing with the sock, or the wrist constantly in contact with a watches wristband or bracelets. These frequent contacts with everyday objects and tattoos, although usually ignored by the wearer, will fade their tattoos and they will need to retouch it much sooner than expected."

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Now go out there and don't fear about showing off your ink now that you know a little more about how to keep them looking great.


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