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How To Instantly Look 10 Years Younger

Stay fresh, son
by Shayne Exito | Jan 20, 2017
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From wrinkles and age spots showing up everywhere, to hair that's turning increasingly more salt than pepper, men feel their years stacking up as keenly as women do. For some reason though, the world at large has acted as if only the female half would—should—want to hold onto their youthful glow for as long as possible. For the longest time, men shied away from using anti-aging products and procedures 

Thankfully though, it’s now 2017, and while sexism and strange double standards still exist, guys don’t feel quite as many qualms about admitting that they’d like to look younger than they really are. For those who still feel a bit skittish about the billion-dollar anti-aging industry, know this: the secret to looking young is stepping up your grooming regimen and adapting your lifestyle to fit your age. Inspiration? 

To give you an idea about what we mean, here are 10 ways to make yourself look and feel years younger:

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1) Get rid of the scruff

Facial hair, a beard especially, has long been considered a mark of maturity. But while the perpetual 5-o’clock shadow worked damn well for you when you were younger and made all the ladies go gaga, nowadays, it just ages you beyond your years and makes you look unkempt and unmotivated. Shave off the shadow and you shave off years from your look.

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2) Keep your vices in moderation

While we’re not telling you to go cold turkey—though easing off the booze and cigs can only be good for you—you should really stop overindulging in them as often since they can lead to a host of health problems. Happy hour drinking can also dehydrate your skin, making it look dull and lifeless, while smoking can lead to wrinkles and stained teeth.

3) Brighten your smile

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Speaking of teeth, keep in mind that yellow teeth can instantly age you. So make sure you’ve got a grin full of pearly whites by practicing excellent oral hygiene. You can also try using OTC teeth whitening products if you’d like to up the wattage of your smile.

4) Eat better, drink lots, rest plenty

Surely, we don’t need to tell you that a healthy lifestyle will keep you looking and feeling younger than your actual age implies. So we expect you know the drill: keep a well-balanced diet, always stay hydrated, and sleep well every night.

5) Keep trim and keep active

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Similarly, exercising regularly is a must. Just because you’ve got a few more birthdays behind you doesn’t mean you can’t keep a fit body that’s ready to go hard and go wild. And take it from us, you’d want to avoid the belly fat and deteriorating posture that usually come with age for as long as possible. 


6) Dress the part

Now, we’re not saying you should try to squeeze into a pair of skinnies or tank tops or whatever else is trending for the young folks. But if you want to look younger (or just plain better, in general), you need to get clothes that fit you right and accentuate your best features. Trust us, this will actually go a long way in making you seem younger and more attractive.

7) Add color to your mandrobe

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Keep in mind that darker clothes, while often more stylish, can also exude serious and somber vibes that immediately add years to your look. Brighter clothes, on the other hand, are more vibrant and make the wearer seem more energetic. Just make sure to avoid crappy Hawaiian shirts!

8) Take care of your face

Aging is most obvious on the face. So while the fight to look younger than your years isn’t all about eye cream, it’s still a little bit about eye cream. That is, you better get over yourself and your manly hesitations soon and start using moisturizer and sunscreen daily, as well as learn to exfoliate regularly. The earlier you start following a good facial grooming routine, the better.

9) Keep your hair under control

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When it comes to hair, as long as you can find the right ‘do—one that works with your greys and your receding hairline—you’re good to go. But remember, it’s not just your moptop that you’ve got to worry about: little else is more unattractive, or more aging, than unruly ear and nose hair. So snip snip, fellas! Don’t forget the caterpillars above your eyes, too!

10) Have sex more often

Doing the deed will actually make you look and feel younger. Regular sex will not only help you keep your heart healthy and burn calories, but a round in the sack is also a great way to blow off some steam. So not only is sex good for your health, it also reduces stress, which can, of course, age you before your time. Convinced yet?

At the end of the day though, there’s nothing bad about showing your age. What matters is that you look and feel good about yourself. If you’d rather appear younger than you truly are, take the necessary steps. But if you like that streak of grey in your hair or the crows feet around your eyes, then wear them proudly.

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