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How To Maintain A Handsome Looking Beard

We present your proper facial hair care and styling starter pack
by Shayne Exito | Nov 18, 2016
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Listen up, gents. Just because you’re able to go full mountain man and grow a hella lot of beard with little trouble doesn’t mean you should.

The key to getting a magnificent beard is not the volume you’re able to tease out of your chin, but the kind of grooming care you’re willing to do. Just like how most women treat their luscious locks—that is, sinking a lot of money, time, and effort into maintaining their crowning glory—men should give their beards due attention and care. After all, a beard can quickly turn your look from alpha male to scruffy hobo if you just let it grow wild.

Since we want to help you get the most out of your beard, we’re breaking down what you need to keep stocked in your bathroom cupboard to keep your beard healthy and in control. 

1) Beard Wash

Just like the mane on top of your head, you should remember to wash your beard on the reg. Beards can get dirty quite easily, with dead skin cells and sometimes even food getting trapped in them. So make sure to shampoo and condition it to keep it clean and tangle-free. For better results, use beard wash, which is specially formulated to handle the coarse hair growing on your chin and cheeks without being harsh to your skin.

FHM pick: Beardbrand’s Spiced Citrus Beard Wash

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Beardbrand’s Beard Wash not only deep cleanses your beard and invigorates your skin, it’ll make you feel refreshed and smelling good too! It also comes in other manly scents like Lumber Yard and Tree Ranger for those days you want to smell woodsy. Get it here.

How to use it: Ditch your usual shampoo and lather up instead with beard wash a couple of times every week (more if you consider your beard a convenient food storage device). Scrub well, rinse, then gently pat dry afterwards—overdoing it with the towel will just lead to frizz and split ends.


2) Beard Oil

If there’s one thing most bearded men will swear by, it’s that in order to achieve the the best beard possible, you need to use beard oil regularly. Not only will it soften and condition your facial hair, making it shinier, but it will also moisturize your skin, keeping it from itching and flaking. Beard oil is essential to promoting the healthy growth of your whiskers.

FHM pick: The Original Badass Beard Oil

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The Original Badass Beard Oil uses natural oils to keep your beard healthy, happy, and glorious. It will also get you smelling classy AF since it’s scented with vanilla and sandalwood. Get it here

How to use: We recommend daily application, though a couple drops should be enough to penetrate your scruff. Don’t forget to massage it all the way in so it can be better absorbed by your skin. You can also use a soft-bristle brush for better distribution and maximum coverage.

3) Beard Balm

Similar to beard oil, beard balm softens your facial hair and hydrates your skin. Unlike the former though, beard balm is also a pomade that can be used for styling. Its thicker consistency means it provides a good hold for when you’re shaping and long lasting control for when you need to tame your flyaways.

FHM pick: The Bearded Gent Beard Balm

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Using natural and organic ingredients, this beard balm will give you a light but effective hold for styling any unruly facial hair. Handcrafted right here in Manila, it’s every bearded Pinoy’s best friend. Get it here.

How to use: While not absolutely necessary, it’s best that you slap on some beard balm only after you’ve already applied beard oil. The amount depends on the how long your beard is, though a few dollops usually works for short to medium lengths. Rub into your palms well so you’ll get a better grip of your beard.

There are tons more different stuff out there specifically designed for the bearded bro, though be aware that quality products demand that you have money and time to spare. It’s really up to you what you’re willing to try and put into your beard—just remember to always practice proper hygiene and grooming!

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