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How To Pull Off Curly Hair Like A Pro

Because straight hair is for basic bros
by Ash Mahinay | Mar 30, 2018
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Are you blessed with curly hair? Great! Maybe you've tried to straighten it out because you were bullied as a kid for being kulot and you probably learned that it's a losing battle. Don't do that. You're bound to regret it. Instead, you should fully embrace your curly locks because they're unique, and when done the right, are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Give your curly locks an upgrade with these tried-and-tested looks:

The Vagrant Hollywood Actor

Looking ratty is all the rage right now fam, not just in clothing but hairwise as well! And curly hair just looks so much better grown out than sleek straight hair because it has built in volume and isn't just a mop. So just like Shia LaBeouf, YOU CAN DO IT. JUST DO IT.


1) Grow your hair out

2) Slick back just a bit around the top and middle length

3) Grow a dense beard (curly dudes already look like they have more hair for some reason, go all in with a meaty beard on your face as well)

4) Become sufficiently macho (optional)


The Jericho Rosales

Surprise! Jericho Rosales is still the default Pinoy hair peg for curly boys, and until somebody else comes along we shall defer to him for the curly undercut goal. If it's good enough to make someone like Kim Jones your wife, we want in.


1) Pick your favorite photo of Echo and his hair

2) Show to your barber

3) Sit back and relax

4) Become sufficiently macho (optional)

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The K-pop Mop Top

There is nothing in the water that gives those oppas nice curly hair. It is a product of the perming process, which is basically chemically locking in some curves to your mane. The upside is you can usually wear your newly permed hair without any hair products (or very minimal). If you're a straight-shod dude looking to enter the curly gates, then this is for you.


1) Pick a photo of your favorite K-pop curly boy

2) Get a perm with photo as reference (around P2,000+ depending on salon)

3) Become sufficiently skinny (optional)

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