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A Man's Guide To Resuscitating Dry, Damaged Hair

'Hey, rockstar. It's me, your hair. You need to take better care of me.'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 24, 2016
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Have you noticed that your hair is dry and lifeless? You probably haven't. Your girlfriend (or if you're single, your mom) has, though. Which should probably prompt you to take a closer look at the situation of your mane. You'll find out that you might not be operating at peak pogi levels.

Here's a tip: Pay extra attention to your hair, like a woman does, and treat it with some TLC. It's a new age, and gender equality—even in matters of vanity—reigns nowadays. Follow our hair care tips below and get your gwapo game going.

1) Don't forget to condition your hair.

A lot of men underestimate the power of the conditioner. However, it is very important in bringing your hair back to life. This hair product "will keep cuticles lying flat so they hold in natural oils" according to WebMD.

"Hair has no natural lubrication. It relies on oils made in the hair root to keep your hair moisturized and looking lustrous."

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Here's how you do it: Let the conditioner sit for about five minutes and rinse with cool water. Don't rinse it with hot water because it will dry it up more.

2) Comb your hair using your hand.

Refrain from using a hair brush. In an interview with CNN, Paradi Mirmirani, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of California, said that this will only create tension, leading to damage and breakage. You may opt for a wide-tooth comb if your hair really needs a tool.

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3) Give it a rest.

Remember when we told you that hair gel shouldn't be used regularly because it contributes to the wear and tear of the hair?

Hair and scalp specialist Dr. Dhiraj Chintawar of explains that "daily heavy usage can lead to the hair becoming brittle, rough and coarse, which in turn can lead to hair loss."

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4) Your hair is hungry for the right food.

Your hair relies on certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. If you are battling dry hair, you might see huge improvements simply by making small tweaks to your meal plan.

Neil Sadick, clinical professor of dermatology at the Weill Cornell Medical College cited that the deficiency of vitamin B "can lead to brittle, listless hair" while the lack of vitamin C can lead to hair breakage.

"Lack of protein and essential fatty acids in the diet can lead to dry, lusterless hair," he explains.

Avocados, mushroom and canned tuna are great choices. You also need protein so eat lean meat, beans, and low-fat dairy food to meet your needs.

5) At least have your hair trimmed.

Getting a haircut is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of dead hair.

Justin Timberlake's hairstylist, Amy Komorowski, recommends visiting a barber once a month. "But it can depend on their hair," she said. "Some guys' hair can grow really quickly so they may need additional cuts in a month."

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