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How To Control That Extra Sweat This Summer

Keep your shirt a little less drenched with these expert tips
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 5, 2016
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You don't get to go to the beach every day. Most of the time you'll be at home, battling the heat. Whether it's morning, noon or night, the perspiration doesn't seem to stop. But it doesn't have to be that way for the rest of the season. There is salvation, and it doesn't involve sticking your head in the freezer all day long.

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Salvation comes in the form of antiperspirants, says beauty and wellness expert Dr. Pie Calayan from the Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic, who recommends it over the ordinary deodorant.

"[A good antiperspirant is made of] aluminum chloride with calming ingredients like aloe vera." Dr. Calayan continues: "Some are not mild enough. They cause skin irritation that will eventually lead to darker underarms." Whether you're a man or a woman, dark underarms aren't that appealing to look at.

Some people also believe that deos work better when applied at night rather than in the morning. Dr. Calayan debunks this claim. The difference between putting deo at night than in the morning is negligible. What's more important is that you give your underarms a break from the deo's chemicals, she explains. "It is still better to sleep without it so the underarm can really breathe."


But your pits aren't the only parts sweating this summer. Your penis and the crotch area can also get pretty swampy.

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Dr. Luciana Bargo, a general physician based in Mandaluyong City, recommends using talcum powder.

"Applying talcum powder on the genital area helps absorb the sweat and keep them dry. But immediately discontinue it if there’s any rash or irritation," advises Dr. Bargo.

"Another thing you can do is to trim your pubic hair. Keeping yourself hair-free down there will not only fight the sweat, but will also make you stay clean and odor-free," she adds.

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Meanwhile, for people who experience excessive body sweating or suffer from a condition known as hyperhidrosis, Dr. Calayan suggests undergoing procedures like surgical sweat gland removal and botox "for the sweat glands to minimize sweating."

"Surgical sweat gland removal is permanent and reduces sweating by 80 to 90 percent," she says. "The scar is so small and not obvious, with the procedure only [lasting] for 45 minutes." Botox, on the other hand, "reduces sweat by 90 to 100 percent but [the procedure] has to be repeated every four to six months."

From the practical to the extreme, these are methods with which you can reduce the discomfort caused by sweating as advised by experts. It's up to you if you'd like to test these procedures—some of which may be especially helpful to those who have an extreme sweating condition. Here's a rule though that applies to all: Replace the fluids you're losing through sweat ounce per ounce, so it'll be easier to beat the heat.

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