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5 Products Your Girlfriend Uses That You Should Use Too

Products made for girls may have secret benefits for guys, too. We enumerate them here.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 16, 2016
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The way men groom themselves has changed. Years ago, soap, shampoo, and a razor were all you needed to look sharp. Now, there are all sorts of grooming products made specifically for the discerning fella to beef up his game. We're sure you've tried some of them.

Here's what you haven't: grooming products made specifically for your girl. And why would you? Marketed for women, you wouldn't have dared touch these things. But go past all the clever marketing talk and you'll realize these pa-girl products can actually benefit you too.

These five for starters.

1) Hair spray

Rather than using gel, opt for hair spray. Hair and scalp specialist Dr. Dhiraj Chintawar tells health insurance site that hair gel shouldn't be used regularly because it contributes to the wear and tear of the hair.

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"Daily heavy usage can lead to the hair becoming brittle, rough and coarse, which in turn can lead to hair loss," Chintawar explains.

What should we use instead?'s top suggestion: hair spray. The product, the site says, contains sunscreen and helps add shine to the hair. It's also great for our tropical weather because it stands up to humidity and isn't as sticky to the feel. And don't worry about depleting the ozone layer. Modern aerosol cans don't contain environmentally harmful chlorofluorocabon (CFCs) anymore.

2) Lip balm

Do you find yourself licking your lips too often? They're probably dry. The problem is your saliva and its digestive enzymes amylase and maltase are actually wearing your lips' skin down, causing them to become even drier. 

So just get some lip balm. We understand the apprehension. It feels too much like applying lipstick. There's a solution for that: Get one in a bottle instead of the typical lipstick-like form. Trust us, your girlfriend will love how softer your lips feel when you kiss.

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3) Face mask

Thanks to movies, which always depicts face masks on men as comedy relief, real-life guys tend to avoid them. But here's the truth: The masks offer a deeper level of facial cleanliness. Much like those pore strips one uses for the nose, the mask assists in getting rid of oiliness, dirt, and grime that accumulate on your face on daily.

And you don't have to use it every day, says Askmen.comTurning to it twice a week should be enough for you to notice considerable difference.

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4) Razor

Been getting razor burns? Try your girlfriend's pretty pink razor. It looks girly, sure, but women's razors are also designed to be more sensitive to skin. Your skin happens to be more sensitive than usual. So man up, and give women's razors a try instead of having to deal with razor burns every day.

5) Concealer

Hear us out and don't tap that X button on your browser just yet because all this talk make you feel a bit, uhm, feminine. Paying close attention to grooming isn't frowned upon now. So relax, it's okay to take that extra step in caring for your skin today. The guys at believe as much.

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With that out of the way, remember when the makeup artist applied concealer on your face to make you look extra suave for your graduation picture? You liked it, didn't you? As its name implies, it hides your pimples and evens your skin as if you had better genes. Look at it this way: You're only attempting to make yourself look better. And isn't that essentially what you're doing when you style your hair with wax or use facial wash?

*Concealer drop*


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