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Jinri Park Teaches You How to be a Class Act!

Jinri Park gives you five pointers on how to be a dashing debonair
by Ron Jay Eduvas | May 29, 2013
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It’s been a few months since we first heard Justin Timberlake together with main man Hova (Jay-Z) raving all about their Suit and Tie, it was so effin’ effective it even inspired FHM cover girl Misa Campo to “dress” up in her very own sexy ensemble, making us all swoon at first sight.  

This got us thinking: How can simple guys like us charm lovely ladies like Ms. Misa the way Mr. JT did?
And then it hit us: The trick, gentlemen, is that you need to have class.

Every guy should learn how to be classy, from how they look to how they carry themselves in front of people, especially the women. You need to show that you’re no longer all about swag and are now ready to man up. Basically, your presence should shout: "I'm a mature individual now, look  how I exude grade-A class." Being classy will also tell people that you’re ready for the real world—but don't ever lose your easygoing vibe, just develop a knack for when to get serious—which of course could earn you respect from your colleagues and sweet winks from the ladies.

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How sure are we that this would work?

FHM favorite and our go-to girl for tips on how to impress womankind  Jinri Park told us so! See, Jinri admires guys who exude class. “It’s always nice if he knows when to be classy," she told us. "It shows that he has a more elegant taste.” She adds that a guy beaming with confidence and displaying a gentleman’s class, shouldn’t be surprised if he coaxes a smile or a sweet "Hi..." from her.

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"Okay, so paano ko gagawin yun?" you might be asking by now. Don't worry, Jinri has your back yet again, this time via a five-point guide to class! Go to the next page now for her tutorial!


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Additional images from Suits; Willy Wonka image from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Paramount Pictures (1971)
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