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Try Out These K-Idol Haircuts If You're An Aspiring Oppa

We have to hand it to those pretty boys from Korea—they aren’t afraid to experiment with hair
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 23, 2017
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We have to hand it to those pretty boys from Korea—they aren’t afraid to experiment with hair. We aren’t quite ready to go where they are now with all the pink and red dyejobs that are currently in, but it might not be a bad idea to steal their cuts because these looks are made for Asian hair and faces—AKA achievable goals. Sometimes the struggle is real when you get your hair inspo from all the blessed wavy haired dudes in cold climates!

1) The center part

The '90s and kachupoy are back, fam! Remember when you wanted this hair but everyone would compare you to matinee idols like Patrick Garcia or even legends like Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys so you just ditched the idea? Well now you can be unfavorably compared to K-idols instead!

Pros: Easy to wear.

Cons: The kachupoy connection which everyone above the age of 30 will comment on.

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Look at the earring! Isn’t that '90s as well?

Side view for reference

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2) The two block

This look has that distinct tapered rear portion that just screams Korean hair. It vibes like an undercut on the sides but is longer overall—not just with that rear finish. And unlike the usual undercut/combover/fuccboi hair, it doesn’t look like a total disaster without any product (AKA gobs of pomade) in it. Consider this your gateway drug to their hairstyling.

Pros: Low maintenance-ish, and when it gets longer, you can just mess it around differently and it looks decent.

Cons: Probably will take a few goes at the salon before you get it just right.

Do it with bangs down

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Or sweep them up

Detail shot for reference because this shit is hard to explain to a barber


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3) The dandy

It looks like the bowl cut except the bangs don’t go down that far and are a less solid mass of hair because we get sweaty just thinking about having it on our foreheads like that—which is also why we just kicked the OG Asian bowl cut off this list and are including this more modern version instead.

Pros: Mukha kang good boy.

Cons: It can still look like a bowl cut if if all goes terribly wrong.

We don’t know what’s going on here either but it got 225,680 likes (and is a good close-up) 

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“You’re so mysterious oppa omg~”

This is the guy from DOTS, by the way

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