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Here's To The New You: Why Kettlebells Are A Man's Best Friend

Here's why you should give kettlebells a permanent spot in your fitness routine!
by Mich Lagdameo | Jan 17, 2015
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New You

Welcome to the new you, FHM Nation! 

We've just entered a New Year, and there's no better time to turn things around than now. If you're on the heavier side, now is the time to slim down and bulk up. And if you're a bit on the skinny side, well, you know what to do. In fact, you've always had!

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All we're trying to say is that it's never too late to change your body for the better. And our goal is to prove that to you for the whole month of January. Don't lose hope, bros. We're here to help you out!

Kettlebells are oddly shaped, and that’s where its body-sculpting powers lie. The center of mass is placed in such a way that swinging is imperative, as opposed to plain old free weights were lifting is all you need to do. 


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After a few silly-looking swings, you'll get the hang of the body movement. We saw the kettlebells swinging bigger bells effortlessly, transitioning from move to move without missing a beat. Each move is built upon another, creating a whole range of movement that targets and sculpts your muscles. It involves a great deal of timing and momentum.

All in all, it looks like we’ll be giving kettlebells a fair chance and a permanent spot in our fitness routine, and we highly suggest you do the same. Go ahead and try out the following moves!


1 Stand over two kettlebells with the middle part of your shoes positioned in the middle of the kettlebell. Squat down and hold the handles.

2 Jump into a pushup position. Pause. Jump back toward the starting position. That’s one repetition.

3 Core should be stable. Your butt should be aligned with your abs.

Video via fitspider

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1 Go to the rack position (putting the bell diagonally aligned to your hands and tucking your elbows in). Elbows should be touching the torso.

2 Bend your legs and explosively stand up while simultaneously raising your arm. Pause at the top of the movement. Repeat.

3 Pause at the bottom and at the top portion of the repetition.

Video via Breaking Muscle


1 Stand one step behind the kettlebell and grab the handles in a squat and stable position.

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