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Let her take care of you

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| Sep 9, 2009
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Admit it: Women can get a bit too fuzzy, no? Eat this, take your vitamins, wear that, instead—you've heard it all before. In fact, you've learned to allow it whizz past your consciousness. At the end of the day, however, it is good to be taken care of. Agree? Well, our ladies over at the Cosmo website have come up with a list of products they'd like for your to try.

It is quite a list, we have to say. Forty-one items just for you? If that's not love, you might have horrendous hygiene. Just kidding. We picked our our favorites, on the gallery on your left, gentlemen. Show your appreciation by trying at least one of these.

Show initiative and learn more. Click here
For the full list, click here

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