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Let Jonah Hill's Pink Hair Inspire You To Try It Too

It's not just for oppas anymore
| Aug 2, 2018
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If you think about it, shaving your hair off is kind of scarier than coloring it. Going all in with the razor can reacquaint you with your head shape in ways you never wished for. Coloring may leave you with a cotton candy head, but you'd still be in possession of your literal crowning glory—available to be shaped and styled to make you look good and feel good. We may not have any colored heads at work, but being anime and fashion stans, we do understand the adventurous appeal of a dye job.

Generation of Miracles—and hair inspo tooPhoto by Production I.G.
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And a dude who also gets it is Jonah Hill, who went all-in on the pink.

The peg for a wild dye job is often a K-Pop idol, but we don't all look like Korean pop stars, right? So, a bro like Jonah doing it (and looking cool) is an inspiration to us all. We can relate because he's not overly ripped, unfairly handsome, or borderline androgynous like in the case of those boy band boys. But in case you needed a reminder of what we're dealing with in terms of expectations, here you go:


So if you can get dyed without getting a memo, we say go for it because it may only be a matter of time until hair color hits the mainstream. Remember, nobody expected the man-bun to become an actual thing until one day everyone suddenly had one.

Or you can do both, shave and dye your hair!

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