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5 Grooming Routines Women Want You To Do

Because just washing your face won't cut it for her anymore.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 26, 2015
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Shower, deo, shave and you are out the door already? Nope. Those grooming practices won’t be enough for her anymore.

If you happen to watch Mansome, a documentary film starring Jason Bateman and Zach Galifianakis about manscaping, then you surely know that girls want you to do more than just the aforementioned practices. Clueless? Watch the trailer below:

Video via MansomeTheMovie's channel

Women find it really, really important to practice good hygiene. However, a number of dudes out there are still not paying too much attention on their grooming.

Because we don't want you to be one of them, below are five ways to improve your routine.


Do you think she doesn’t notice those long, dirty nails of yours? She may not tell you how disgusted she is but we are pretty sure she’s lambasting you in her mind. Brother, just in case you don’t know, we’ve got a place called a salon where you pay a certain staff for a mani-pedicure. These days it’s common to go and sit next to the gals to have your nails cleaned so don’t be shy.

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Just like getting a haircut, trimming eyebrows is also important. We aren’t telling you to set an appointment in the salon to have your brows fixed. You can do it yourself (just be brave enough). Sure it would hurt to pluck those hairs off, but over time you’ll get used to it.  

Here’s your guide to trim eyebrows (while still looking like a man):


Video via Bulgarian Invasion


It’s quite tough to carry on a conversation when the nose hair of the person you’re talking to is already saying hello to the world. So trimming is essential (especially if you are going to see her). To properly reach all the nasal hair, you’ll need to do the "pig’s nose" routine. Yup, the pig’s nose! So press backward on the top of your nose then use a trimmer to cut the long, visible strands.

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Can you imagine getting waxed? Neither can we. But because men’s fashion is already more becoming revealing (like those unbuttoned button-downs), we're becoming more susceptible to seeing unslightly armies of hair fighting for your attention. You don't want to see 'em, and we bet many girls don't approve of the "caveman" look, too.

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