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5 Classic Perfumes That Will Upgrade Your Grooming Arsenal

Some spray-on tools to help you get her attention
by Shayne Exito | Dec 13, 2016
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It’s no secret that scent plays a major factor in desirability. In fact, the kind of fragrance you wear can determine how people see (or sniff) you all together, whether you’re aiming to seem attractive and appealing to women, manly and dominant, or just plain approachable.

Now, while there are many scents out there that are generally appealing and can be worn for most occasions, there are certain events that demand more consideration when picking your perfume or cologne. Take heed, nothing ruins a solid get-up faster than the wrong kind of perfume. So next time you’re getting ready for a hot date, or perhaps a big meeting at work, or a casual hang sesh with friends and family, make sure your scent of choice is suitable and compliments your look.

In the fragrance world, there are certain men’s perfumes and colognes that have been touted as the best of the best. Here are a few of the most well known ones that have proven to be irresistible to the ladies:

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1) Acqua di GIO by Giorgio Armani

It’s one of the most famous fragrances out there, and it features a winning woody marine scent that plays with airy and light aromas. It might actually smell pretty familiar to many of you, even if you’ve never even heard of this perfume before, for the sole reason that it’s one of the most copied scents in the industry.

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2) Hugo Boss No. 6 Bottled

A best-selling fragrance that’s well-known for its versatility, Boss No. 6 is one scent that can be worn both during workdays and date nights, as it’s both sexy and understated. The appeal comes from the perfect balance of its fruity and floral top notes and the underlying earthy and masculine scent.

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3) Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Perhaps you’ve inherited a bottle of this one? Living up to it’s name, this fragrance is as classy and timeless as it gets. Simultaneously crisp and subtle, Eternity’s light blend of citrusy and floral notes works well the whole year round.

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4) Ralph Lauren Polo Red

If you’re looking for something intense and daring, then this one’s for you. Polo Red is all about adrenaline and adventure, which it pulls off with an exciting mix of spicy and woody scents. It’s a bold fragrance that people won’t forget.

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5) Old Spice

This iconic label has been around for a long time, but it’s recently enjoyed an incredible popularity resurgence. If you’ve ever seen any of it’s viral campaigns, then you’ve probably already realized that the original Old Spice cologne is about as manly as it gets. 


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Don’t worry though, if you’ve never heard of any of these names. While you should always avoid cheap knock-offs, there are a lot of quality fragrances without the expensive label that still smell amazing. What matters most, really, is the kind of scents you find attractive.

We even asked a few regular joes what they like putting on that they believe makes them uber appealing:

“Musky, not too flowery, in subtle, long-lasting amounts. I prefer scents that don't wear out since I apply [them] to my clothes.” - DR, business owner

“I like wearing sweet scents, because I feel like they’re the kind of scents that people generally like to smell. People in general have an affinity to sweet things, and I think that smelling like a dessert of some sort  will definitely attract a lot of attention.” - Markwin, call center agent

“Something crisp with a hint of vanilla. Something that lingers and would be reminiscent of old paper and libraries. A scent which would exude astuteness and refinement.” - Marco, law student

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“I like wearing CK or Ferrari perfumes, those that aren't too strong but still shows your masculinity. It's the smell that makes girls want to cuddle with you all night. It's that scent that makes them want to look back at you when you pass by, makes them remember you.” - Nathaniel, sales and marketing officer

“I like scents that smell fresh; scents that are reminiscent of cool showers. So basically the smell of aftershave, pine trees, a good, old-fashioned bar of soap. Basically the smell of old school Old Spice.” - Justin, web developer  


To see if any of these fellas actually smelled nice to women, we went ahead and got a bunch of fine ladies to tell us what fragrances they find the most appealing as well:

“I really like light, fresh scents on men. Perfumes that contain citrusy and minty notes, nuanced by sandalwood and musk. Nothing too complex or overwhelming.” - Abby, writer

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“Musky, I guess. I like men's perfume. Although not too much, because it really makes me nauseous. Just enough for me to be able to smell him as he passes by.” - May, teacher

“Something masculine but not overwhelming is key. There are certain musk and spice scents that make my head turn, but if a guy overdoes on the perfume, you can be sure I’ll be glaring while speedily making my escape. Seriously though, just smell clean! Any girl will appreciate a guy smelling fresh (of soap or body wash) over the smell of cheap perfume plus sweat any day.” - Neko, baker

“I like it when guys smell of cool freshness with a very subtle hint of liquor for that intoxicating effect. I find that attractive because you can't help but pull yourself closer to the guy.” - Pam, student

“Tropical scent. Anything that smells fresh. I'm not that much of a fan of heavy scents on anything.” - Jov, producer

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“I really like minty or woody scents on guys. But the smell of fresh rain is really attractive to me, too. Overpowering perfumes just make me sneeze a lot.” - Jade, graphic artist

So boys, what do you think? With this brief peek into the female psyche, have you figured out whether you’re missing the mark or nailing it when it comes to picking fragrances?

Of course, we know that most of you just splash on whatever smells good to you. Nothing wrong with that, gents. If you like how you smell and it makes you feel good about yourself, go right ahead. Confidence is still the best accessory that will turn heads and make a woman pay attention, after all.

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