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Men Who Eat Salads Smell More Attractive To Women, According To Science

Healthy is the new sexy
by Tanya Umali | Aug 24, 2016
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Catching the attention of the girl you like is pretty simple. You need to have killer looks and an awesome personality. But what if you don't have it? Well, that's where science comes in.

Actually, a woman’s attraction towards you has nothing to do with your appearance or attitude (well, maybe a little bit).

According to research, women find men who smell better as more attractive. So no matter how good you look, it won’t matter if your smell doesn’t agree with your appearance let alone your attitude.

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Ever since the beginning of time, smell has always played a crucial role in natural selection. In fact, a few animals living now use their scent to attract their female counterparts. In the animal kingdom (yes, that also means human beings), the smell of a potential partner is stronger compared to those who are not. This sense gets stronger especially at the height of fertility.

So, what should you do?

Apart from the daily showers, generous application of deodorant, and huge amounts of perfume spritz onto your body, you must also watch what you eat.


According to scientists, eating salads are most effective when it comes to improving your odor. In an experiment conducted by the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, researchers fed their male subjects foods rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids are any of a class of mainly yellow, orange, or red fat-soluble pigments, including carotene, which give color to plant parts such as ripe tomatoes and autumn leaves. Their theory was that this substance could help boost the smell of a man.

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The findings, published in Evolution and Human Behavior, say that the male subjects who had a high intake of vegetables and fruits smelled better versus those who ate a lot of carbs. The first group, which had a low-carb diet, gave off a “floral, fruity, sweet, and medicinal” scent when they perspired. The second group, which had a high-carb diet produced a “less pleasant body odor.”

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So before you take a bite of your meal today, ask yourself this: Would this really make me attractive?


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