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You Can Actually Get These NBA Superstar Hairstyles

Now you know what to show and tell your barber
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 12, 2017
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When we talk about basketball player haircuts, the first thing that comes to mind is the aerodynamic buzz cut. The greatest ballers have even "come on home" (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant), while a certain living legend is still trying to salvage a receding hairline.

Times have changed, though, as a baller's legacy isn't defined by his willingness to go completely bald. If anything, the hairstyle plays a crucial part in the personal brand of a modern NBA superstar—not that it affects his performance.

Here are your favorite players' hairdos that you can actually get:

Kyrie Irving

Uncle Drew's beard has regrown since making a clean-shaven debut with the Boston Celtics, although it won't be long before he brings out the electric razor again.

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James Harden

Speaking of facial hair, Harden has launched the Houston Rockets to the top of the NBA (21-4) with his stellar MVP play and signature mohawk fade.

Kristaps Porzingis

He had to grow up fast as the face of the franchise, but the New York Knicks unicorn is still a young man judging by his spiky fade. Will we ever see those cornrows?

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Jimmy Butler

Butler has been switching from the fade with twists to the Timberwolf braids and vice versa, just like how he is making an impact on both ends of the floor.

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Victor Oladipo

The short afro seems to be doing wonders for the breakout Indiana Pacer, as his hair game with the Magic and the Thunder was as erratic as his actual game.

Damian Lillard

Dame's no-nonsense, all-business faux hawk symbolizes the way that he is leading the dark horse Portland Trail Blazers (13-13) to another deep playoff push.

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Ben Simmons

As simple as the Rookie of the Year frontrunner's taper fade is, the same cannot be said about his all-around brilliance that has everyone trusting the process.

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Now you know what to show and tell your barber.


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