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Nike Free Features Foot-Strengthening Design For Stronger Strides

Nike releases new batch of barely-there running sneakers
by Gelo Gonzales | May 6, 2013
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For the serious runner who has enough racing bibs to fill a wall in their house, Nike Free and its run-barefoot design philosophy shouldn’t be much of a stranger.

For the rest of us who pant at the mere thought of running off to the sari-sari store for a can of sardines, the Nike Free is appealing insofar as it sounds like Nike is giving away free shoes.

(They’re not.)

Recently, Nike Philippines invited us to try this year’s selection of Nike Free sneakers at the Nike Park in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig, where we were able to understand the shoe’s vital features.

Our initial reaction? They’re very light, and flexible, and made us want to run the same way a new pair of Hyperdunks sometimes inspire us to jump higher.   

But the Nike Free isn’t just merely “light and flexible,” although those are critical components. The newly launch collection has been meticulously designed to reshape the way you run, and further builds upon its own tradition of strengthening the runner’s feet.

We explain five ways how:

1) It mimics running without shoes

As its name implies, these shoes free the wearer from the shoe. It allows the feet to move, stretch, and be themselves, in the process allowing them to perform the way they were meant to perform.

Traditionally, shoes were created to protect the feet; Nike Free protects the feet without hindering it, and therefore letting it achieve full running potential. “Less shoe, more you,” says Nike.

                                                   Works great for tiptoeing on unstable surfaces, too!

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