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No-Fuzz Face: 9 Things You Need When No-Shave Movember Ends

You'll need the proper tools to trim down that anti-#MOMOLReady facial hair of yours!
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 28, 2013
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No-Shave Movember is about to end!

Nope, that's not a typo, fellas. There's actually such an event!

No-Shave Movember is an annual facial-hair growing tradition that began in Australia back in 2004. The story goes that 30 dudes grew a moustache for 30 days in order to raise awareness about prostate cancer and depression in men. It's kinda like No-Bra Sunday, only this time, tayong mga kalalakihan ang bida!

no-shave novemberNo-Shave Movember, aka Leonidas and the gang's month

The rules for No-Shave Movember are simple: start clean-shaven on November 1, and don't touch a hair until December!

And now that we're about to bid goodbye to November, it's time to trim those scruff ends for everyone who participated. So, below are everything you'll ever need once No-Shave Movember ends. (Unless of course you want to retain the hair for a manlier look. Your move, bro.)

1) Good vibes

shaving essentialsFive blades for maximum hair slaying potential and a nifty vibration-powered handle for a more exciting experience–your #MOMOLReady-loving girlfriend will adore it. Your shave, that is.

Weapon of choice:
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power, P399

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2) The razor's edge

shaving essentials
You probably can’t afford the Bond car, suit, watch, etc. What you can have though is the star of Skyfall’s sexy shaving scene (no, not the girl, sorry!)

Weapon of choice:
Parker SR1 Straight Edge, P969, available at

3) Old-fashioned grooming

shaving essentials

So manly, our balbas gets thicker just by looking at it. Take it slow with a steady hand and your bathroom won’t look straight out of Sweeney Todd afterwards. It won’t cut a hole in your pocket either; blades cost less than P10 a pop! Unless you're a certified barbero (not the gossip-mongering kind) or a shaving beterano, we recommend though buying the whole kit for your chin's safety.

Weapon of choice:
Parker Safety Razor, P1,449, available at

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4) Power tool

shaveing essentials
Will effortlessly hack away your beard. You can even use it to give yourself a dos in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to its adjustable comb length system, the adventurous may even take it where the sun don't shine–if you know what we mean.

Weapon of choice:
Braun Cruzer6 Beard & Head Trimmer, P5,495

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