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8 Bal-Gote Reminders For All #NoShaveMovember Participants
Planning to maintain a full facial fuzz this No Shave November? Make it look and feel better with these tips!
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 7, 2014
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In case you missed it: It’s No Shave Movember! This month's long beard party actually has a noble cause: to raise cancer awareness by growing the fuzz that cancer patients lose, and donating your normal shaving expenses instead. Fun fact: The movement was actually co-founded by a lady! We’ll leave it to you to imagine how she joined in on the fun.

Despite its roots, most people just take No Shave Movember as the opportunity to test out the beard styles they’ve always wanted–and have a convenient “Movember eh excuse when people point out that they look ridiculous. Or you may be planning a trip to the Middle East and don’t want to get man-raped.

Us? We just want to make sure that you take care of that beard right if you decide to keep it for the rest of the year. Sure, you can just let it go wild like nature intended, but you won’t end up on some "best beards slideshow" online unless you follow these steps…


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If you’re after the sculpted work of art, you can’t maintain it with your usual half-asleep shave in the shower. Make it a ritual–a very manly one. Take your time as you trim the excess growth, and sculpt around the edges. If you have a tiny crappy bathroom mirror, now’s a good time to invest in an HD-sized one–it’s also more fun to look at yourself and make animal noises with a big mirror! #BathroomConfessions


no shave movember tips
Like how a wet dog seems to have longer hair, your beard will feel deceptively long. Take care if you attempt to take some length off while it’s soaked, you may end up with a severely truncated job when you towel off. This happens to us all the damn time when getting a haircut. #TrueStory


no shave movember tips

Your beard is basically hair, and you don’t wash your hair with soap. You can shampoo your fuzz with the same thing you use for your head–though it may feel interesting if you use those intensely minty shampoos–but we’re guessing you don’t use conditioner. Grab a small bottle of the stuff solely for your beard and it’ll protect against it looking too scraggly. Also, a conditioner helps keep it under control and feel easier to sculpt. #HiramNaSaGF

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