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8 Phases Every Pinoy Guy Growing A Beard Goes Through

With a manly scruff comes great responsibility.
| Nov 24, 2015
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Whether it's a full beard, a rocker goatee, or a Rico J. Puno mustache, at one point in your life, you've imagined yourself rocking on with some facial hair.

This manly dream was given a green light for a cause in Australia where the Movember Foundation (yes, it's real) yearly encourages men not to shave for the month of November while collecting donations for men's cancer awareness. Hence, No-Shave November was born!

If you're trying to do it, you should be very familiar with these struggles.

Phase 1:  You imagine having Connor McGregor results instantly.

The moment you decided to ignore your razor for a little while, you were hopeful that you'll grow a glorious beard. You just imagine slicking your hair back and have the swag ala Connor (just without the Irish accent).

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Phase 2: Excitement takes over once you start seeing whiskers.

Like a farmer seeing the season’s first seedlings, the first hints of facial hair excites you—especially if you've never grown hair on your mug. No matter how awkward it looks, you tell your pals, “Abangan ninyo lang yan, pare!"

Phase 3:  You start scratching. BAD.

About a week into your bearded dreams, you notice that your face starts to get itchy. Relax, man. Going from clean-shaven to machong bigotilyo makes your face dry, and the accumulated dust kicks your beard firmly into makati stage. And that’s when you start becoming best friends with your moisturizer.

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Phase 4:  Your face starts to look like a badly drawn map.

By the second or third week, you notice that not all parts of your face are capable of growing hair evenly. Tuloy, mukhang Hundred Islands ang bigote mo.

There are more "phases," of course, and you can find all of 'em on!

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