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How To Deal With The Pimples Inside Your Nose?

Popping the zit is not an option
by Brian Anthony Veran | Jul 14, 2016
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All of us have dealt with the many unsightly effects of pimples growing on the surface of our bodies and faces. The acne that rests on the tip of your nose is especially a killer. But there's something worse: the one that springs up on your sniffer.

Dr. John Michael Porquez, FPSOHNS PAAS FACES, Otorhinolaryngology specialist at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center, says patients with colds, sinusitis, or allergies are usually prone to manifest this symptom. "It's because of frequent nasal manipulation and mucus accumulation that harbors bacteria.”

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It's also painful because we regularly can't help ourselves from cleaning and scratching our nose. When this happens, Dr. Porquez says "you'll end up manipulating it and that would really worsen the infection. Worse case scenarios happen when the infection spreads to the lips. You can also increase your risk of thrombosis and meningitis."

To treat it properly, it's necessary to determine the cause of the pimple—whether it's because of a cold or sinus infection or diabetes. "[If the pimple is evident, it's] best to seek medical advice so you can have it treated with antibiotic ointments like mupirocin or iodine solutions,” suggests Dr. Porquez.


Home remedies include using a warm compress on the tip of your nose, taking pain relievers, and having proper hygiene.

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“A little trim with clean scissors” would do the trick, but resist the urge to pluck your nose hair to avoid trauma that may lead to infections and cause the pimple to grow, warns Dr. Porquez.


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