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These Pinoy-Made Pomade Brands Have The Best Packaging

Some aesthetic for your bathroom setup
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 10, 2018
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Using pomade has a vibe of old-school gentlemanliness, of doing your hair with careful attention to detail—not a strand out of place—versus the looser, messier look of wax and gel. Pomade brewers know this distinction and that's why their packaging is often designed to capture that retro aesthetic to tap into the manly man inside all of us. Or if you want to make your bathroom countertop look as cool as it can possibly be, grab some of these products.

Man Pomade Hard Head

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Pomade is heavily associated with Latino culture abroad and Man Pomade pays homage to the Dia de Muertos skull motif that often appears on their pomades over there, too. P350/480

The Maverick Theodore

The lion represents "the majestic beast inside Maverick," but we also say lions have pretty cool manes, just like what you want to achieve with a premium oil-based pomade such as this one. P500

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RDMPTN Back to Black

Pomades come in all sorts of colors—often corresponding to their scent—so what do you think this one smells like? How's a mix of milk chocolate and sweet orange sound? P250

Ninong Originals Amber

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Why base a pomade on our fave brew? "Beer contains b-vitamins and the proteins found in malt and hops are known to strengthen and nourish damaged other countries, beer is used to soak hair for a natural hair treatment." It doesn't smell like someone spilled a drink in your hair though, but rather a pleasant lavender scent. P700


Generacion Pomade Strong Black

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Minimal and clean just like a strong dose of black coffee. Cop this if you want to feel like a real G. P250/450

Greasy Basky x Slick Barbers Co.

Not all pomade tins have to be dark—check out this collab by Greasy Basky. It's got a gorilla mascot to denote the "beastly" vibe you'll get from using it or that "even if you look like a gorilla, if you use Greasy Basky, you'll look dapper and manly," says owner Jasper Basconcillo. P300

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Remember those classic mints boxes? Those little tin containers are also good for packing some all natural (no petroleum and paraffin), hand-crafted, small-batch premium pomade from Cebu-based PomadourP250

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