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You've Been Washing Your Hands Wrong All This Time

Say what?!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 21, 2015
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Washing your hands sound like an easy task, but realistically speaking, only 5 percent of the population is doing it right.

In addition, 23 percent of us don't use soap, and a little over 10 percent of people don't bother washing their hands at all. Gross!

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The Sklar Brothers, hosts of the Youtube series You're Doing It Wrong, took time to show the world how you screw up every time you hit the sink, and suggest a few better practices to embrace. The good thing is they're so easy to remember. In fact, they can be broken down into four easy steps:

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1) Wash your hands consistently. Just because you washed them over an hour ago doesn't mean you have the right to skip on your next visit to the restroom. Germs can be easily passed on to others through physical contact.

2) Forget about the loud, annoying hand driers. They are actually not helping to kill the germs. The reason? People don't dry their hands fully when using the drier. Stick to paper towels instead.

3) Hot water isn't the better option either. Boiling water is. But burning your hands isn't.

4) Focus on the fingertips. They are the most important parts to wash as these come into contact with most surfaces. A single gram of feces can contain as many as one trillion germs. Yum!

Now watch the video below to find out how you can improve your hand washing routine:

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