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Pure Strength By Human Nature Promotes Modern Day Heroism

New line of men's care products promote all-organic squeaky clean experience
by Anton D. Umali | Apr 19, 2013
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Grooming is no longer just exclusive to women and the more metrosexual of the male species. Because the dating game has proven that the ladies like their men kempt and not reeking of sweat, nowadays, taking care of your skin, hair, and body odor is just as important as tuning your car or hitting the gym, you grease monkeys and jocks.

But doing all this responsibly, meaning watching out for the environment and with a tinge of social awareness is the difference between vanity and stewardship. And that’s where Pure Strength by Human Nature comes in.

The new men’s line from the green-loving, socially responsible, all-natural brand of personal care cosmetics aims to instill the heroic values of hard work, facing challenges with confidence, and never compromising integrity into the products that will make your face smooth as a baby, your hair shiny like Samson’s, and your armpits, well, as fresh as morning dew (if that’s even possible).

To celebrate the launch of Pure Strength’s new soap, facial wash, shampoo, and deodorant, Human Nature was kind enough to invite members of the media to a day of fun under the sun, karaoke jeepney rides, and (tragic) bike rallies.

The event was held at a Gawad Kalinga community in Tarlac and was hosted by beautiful and amiable model/actress Rachel Grant, who is Human Nature’s global brand ambassador. “Modern day heroes” was the theme of the day as everyone was introduced to Pure Strength’s banner-men of modern day heroism during the first half of the proceedings.

For the value of hard work, there was Bryan Benitez-McClelland, Bambike Revolution Cycles founder and contemporary Captain Planet, whose devotion to Gawad Kalinga has helped him create bamboo bikes or "bambikes." These bikes are a socio-ecological and practical works of art that are founded on fair-trade labor and green building practices. These bikes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but light and durable, as we would later learn.

Next up was Chips Guevarra, head of Alterenergy Systems Inc. A man who faces challenges head on and with confidence, Chips was able to render a technology that successfully converts vegetable oil into useable car fuel. Since the company started in 2007, they have been able to convert over 30 vehicles. Cleaner air, less fossil fuel consumption, and running a car on French fries grease is now a possibility. Thanks, Chips!

Last but definitely not the least is Gawad Kalinga Executive Director Luis Oquinena. His integrity is steadfast as a man who has devoted his life to the passion of providing roofs for those in need. A man with a plan, Oquinena recognizes that transformation must start with the people.

After the introduction, everyone was shuttled to a nearby dirt track where a bambike relay race was in order. We were split into two teams and tasked to do one round of the difficult course. Teams were set, lines were drawn, and the signal to go was given. And as we pedaled our way up the first arduous hill, our power was not enough, the bambike was still in its first gear, prompting us to slowly roll down the hill in a comedic display of embarrassment.

Like modern day heroes, we took in the audience laughter, held our heads high, and didn’t give up, finishing the race in pathetic last place. Oh, well, that’s life. Guess we are in more need of Pure Strength than we initially thought.

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