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Shaving grace

<p>Here's a short, and hopefully a helpful guide to the art of shaving.</p>
| Aug 5, 2009
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You're a man—you know how essential shaving is. How many, though, can say they're privy to the art of proper shaving? When is the best time to shave? Which product to use? When to do which?

Without question, shaving is best done after a morning shower, when skin is soft and when it's most convenient. Remember, warm water loosens the skin and the hair. If you intend to shave, take a warm shower prior. Shave in front of a mirror, preferably by the sink. Why? Because there is no other way around it.

Find out the direction of your hair growth and shave accordingly. Unless razor burns and ingrown hair sound like a good idea, do not shave against the grain. When you get to the chin area, not going against the grain means shaveing from the neck upward to the chin. And when shaving hair on the upper lip, purse your lip inward and shave downward. 

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A good shaving producy doesn't equal how thick the lather is. Like a good razor, you have to try different ones to find out what really works for you. A bit of scent might be enticing, but avoid them if you have sensitive skin.

There are four shaving products: the age-old mousse, the foaming cream, the gel, and the cleanser cream. How are they different?

The mousse is quite easy to use. Pop a ball in yoru hands and lather up. The downside: your can gets empty easily. The foaming cream, meanwhile, is best for thicker beards. While they are less popular, foaming creams provide comforting lather. Shaving gel is getting more and more followers because it's thick enough for you to feel it protecting your skin. It also doesn't gunk up yoru razor and specially works great with or without a primer. The cleanser-shave, as the name suggests, cleanses while you shave. Apart from that, it provides the skin with moisture and provides gliding assistance to your razor, which results to less irritation.

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