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Should Men Try 'No-Makeup' Makeup?

Surprisingly, a significant number of girls tell us it's okay
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 23, 2016
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"What the hell is no-makeup makeup?" you probably ask.

It simply refers to the application of makeup that looks as if, well, you're not wearing makeup. So why should you try it?

Paul, a straight guy, has been doing the no-makeup makeup look since 2010. He said it helps him hide under eye circles, pores, and pimples.

"My ex-girlfriend is a big fan of makeup. Sometimes, she applies makeup on my face just for fun. I've noticed that it's not obvious and it helps enhance my features. So I decided to try it myself. Over time, natuto akong maglagay ng concealer na mag-isa," Paul said.

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"Kapag may event or popormahan lang ako naglalagay para matago yung eyebags, pores, at pimples," he added.

The 24-year-old seaman said: "In this kind of world we live in today, I don't think doing the no-makeup makeup would be a big deal."

"I highly recommend na i-try siya ng ibang lalaki. Hindi siya nakakabawas ng pagkalalaki. In fact, nakakadagdag pa siya dahil naha-highlight best features mo."


But before you apply concealer on your face, you might want to consider the thoughts of women on men trying the no-makeup makeup. Read on!

"For me, there's nothing to lose if men would try it. They need to take good care of their face. They also deserve to feel good about themselves much like how women feel when we wear makeup." —Joi, 27

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"I think men should try the no-makeup makeup para mas maging physically appealing sila. I'd rather go out with someone who wears concealer rather than someone na walang paki sa sarili at mukhang dugyot." —Marianne, 18

"My boyfriend is actually a fan of the no-makeup makeup look. I think there's nothing wrong with it as long as it makes him feel good about himself, then I'm okay with it." —Bea, 25

"It's not an issue if a man wears make up for grooming purposes and of course to achieve a fresher look." —Mische, 21

"Male celebrities do it. Why can't normal guys apply makeup?" —Mae, 23

"As long as he can apply the makeup well and it isn't too obvious, then I'm fine with the idea of guys with no-makeup makeup look." —Sunshine, 26

"Okay lang naman if trip nila yun pero kung ako ayaw ko kasi hindi pang-lalaki ang makeup." —Joanne, 21

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"Makeup is made for women thus men aren't supposed to be wearing any of it. Men are born to be strong-looking and putting makeup makes them less of a man. For men in the modeling industry, it's quite acceptable for that is part of fashion." —Angel, 30

"I can't imagine my boyfriend sharing makeup with me. I think confidence is enough to give them natural glow and appeal." —Carnie, 25

"I don't think men should worry that much about how their skin or face look. Tama na yung naghihilamos araw-araw. Pwede rin mag-moisturize and toner. Pero yung makeup to enhance what...their cheekbones or eyes? Medyo red flag. And ayaw ko naman na mas maselan pa ang boyfriend ko kaysa sa'kin." —Billie, 23

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